Rape Apologists!

I would occasionally see the term “rape apologist” thrown around by feminists and I assumed for a long time that this was merely hyperbole. What man, in his right mind, would publicly defend the act of forcing a woman to have sex with him? Instead, I figured the only proper definition of a rape apology would be a rapist saying to his victim months or years later, “I’m sorry that I violated your dignity as a fellow human being and I promise I will never do that again to anyone.”

Boy was I mistaken!


Rape apology is an umbrella term for any arguments suggesting that rape is infrequent, misreported, over-reported, not that big a deal, or that it is even excusable in some circumstances, such as within a marriage or if the victim was “provocatively dressed“. “Apology” in this case means defense or justification, like in “Christian apologetics“, and not a statement expressing regret.

Predictably, there is an overlap between rape apologists and those who oppose reproductive rights for women, and/or those who feel that marriage equals ownership. One example is Phyllis Schlafly‘s comment that “by getting married, the woman has consented to sex, and I don’t think you can call it rape.”[1]

See this previous blog entry for more of why Schlafly is an idiot and a traitor to her own gender: The Insane Schlafly Klan.

Then this morning I find a bit of sick propaganda on an anti-feminist hate site called   Return of Kings. For another example of the sheer hatred towards women who refuse to be nothing more than doormats for horny men, just read: An Ugly Anti-Feminist.

Here are some direct quotes from the first blog entry defending rape written by .   His quotes will be in red and my responses will be in violet

Women say “no” to me in one way or another on a regular basis, e.g. “no, you can’t have my number”, “no, I should go home”, “no, I’m not coming into your apartment”, and of course, the classic, “no, we’re not having sex”.

Yet somehow, when it’s all said and done, the woman is invariably happy that I didn’t listen to a single word of protest she uttered; that I barreled through her resistance nonchalantly and drove the ball to the basket. Women RESPECT this sexual insistence even if they aren’t acutely aware of it.

Gee, does anyone know of any women who have actually said that in public? If not, then we may safely assume this misogynous bastard is lying out his @$$.

The consent crowd, however, would like for men to believe that anything short of a written statement, notarized and signed by the soon to be fornicated party, is rape.

Strawman, implying that when women give their spoken word about something, it should not matter to any man.

Women want to monopolize power in the sexual marketplace so that they can control access to sex and manipulate this most primal, most productive of urges to their benefit.

Falsehood and projection, denying the possibility of genuine equality between the sexes. Aside from that, women have always had a lot more to lose from being sexually violated than men do, as any biology teacher would tell you.

It’s in the nature of beautiful women to resist, test, protest, sabotage and make your job of fucking them difficult. And of course, by the time you wrestle their panties off, they’re dripping wet.

Every single time I had sex with a woman, no force had to be used and in most cases the act was equally enjoyable to both of us. This guy is telling a flat out lie.

The thing to understand is that telling a man “no” is a way to weed out the weaklings from the men who know what they want (her).

Again, are there any WOMEN who have publicly affirmed anything like this?  Indeed, it is the height of ARROGANCE for a man to be telling other men what women are supposed to be thinking, instead of letting women speak for themselves!

I’ve had hour or more long battles with a girl who had come to my room and then protested that she wasn’t going to have sex with me. [sic, in more ways than one]  Hell, it just happened again yesterday. In the end, of course, we got naked. And, she appreciated it after the fact. If a girl isn’t open to being seduced she will either not come in or will precipitate hastily from your room. Anything short of that is a green light.

Of course, any sexist can make a claim like this; there is no backup from the woman who had this experience, or even any identification of her so his claim can be confirmed by asking her later.  It is really claiming that once you go to “first base” with the woman, you must naturally go all the way to “home plate” with her as well, which is BULLSHIT! Of course, it is possible the writer did not even know the woman’s name before he raped her. That itself is absolute stupidity. STDs, anyone?

And if you can, get out of the Anglosphere so you can relax and get down to business without concern for your freedom. Your penis will thank you.

In other words, go to some country where women have few rights so it is easier to violate them.  Better still, go to some Asian country where there are child prostitutes.

This is not just about criticizing feminism for wrongful acts against innocent men. No, this is about OUTRIGHT CONDONING AND DEFENDING CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR! The First Amendment of the United States Constitution may indeed allow for freedom of speech, but not at the expense of advocating the violation of the rights of others! Indeed, bodily autonomy for both men and women is the foundation of all human liberties, without which our liberties become meaningless.

This website has crossed a line that should never have been crossed and so it is time for not only concerned feminists, but the legal authorities to take action against it. It should be totally shut down! Who knows how many delusional men will actually read this garbage, end up raping women because of it, and thus ruin their own lives along with the lives of their victims.

6 thoughts on “Rape Apologists!

  1. Meanwhile:

    If you’re wondering what happened to FtB, starting at about a quarter to eight tonight, we got hit with a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack. Also, at the same time, Skepchick got DDOSed. Also, at the same time, Feminist Frequency got DDOSed.

    I can’t imagine what those three sites have in common, or what they would be promoting that would rouse the furious ire of some tedious nerd somewhere.

    Then a commenter gave a credible explanation:

    From what country are the attacks coming? Is it US or Russia?
    When I saw that Pharyngula got DDoSed I suspected that it was because of the Sochi post, since Russians are well known for cyber warfare. But a simultaneous attack on Skepchick and Feminist Frequency marks this as the work of MRAs.

    MRAs = Men’s Rights Activists = anti-feminists = misogynous assholes

  2. That’s a nice label, “the consent crowd” – because wanting to be able to consent to sex is such an eccentric, weird, off the charts notion that it merits a scornful dismissive nickname.

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