An Ugly Anti-feminist

Here is a classic statement of misogyny by some bastard called Roosh:

The 9 Ugliest Feminists In America

Let’s take a look at who he calls ugly.

1. Lindy West

She’s the fattest feminist in this roundup. Her crusade to eliminate fat shaming (on Jezebel) is designed so that when Skynet becomes self-aware, she’ll be finally seen as culturally attractive.

If he really wants to call women fat, then I’d like him to get into the face of every plus sized woman he sees at a shopping mall, grocery store, or gas station and call them fat and tell them to go on a diet. Cowardly @$$hole!

2. Jessica Valenti

She was somewhat attractive for one picture in her life:

But she looks nothing like that now…

This guy must be blind as well as stupid.

3. Amanda Marcotte

The reason that feminists have large jaws is because of testosterone exposure during pre-natal development. In that case, Amanda must have been supplemented with testosterone via direct injection into the womb.

Hardly a credible scientific statement.

7. Sandra Fluke

Obama’s useful idiot for the 2012 presidential campaign. She believes the taxpayer should pay for her birth control.

No, she believes that the government should include provisions for impoverished women to receive publicly funded birth control to lessen the number of children born and raised in poverty. Only an idiot would say otherwise.

8. Kate Harding

She believes men’s rights activists should go fuck themselves. She also believes that fat shaming is a serious feminist issue. Of course she’s fat.

No she isn’t, liar.

And the worst one of all:

9. Jen McCreight

She’s a popular atheist blogger who puts her science views on hold when passionately discussing feminism. I actually got into a blog war with her last year when she hated on my accurate observation that hyper-educated girls are less feminine.

Jen wins our ugliest feminist contest by a wide margin. She’s so ugly that when she looks in the mirror, her reflection looks back and shakes its head. Really though she’s so ugly that when she goes to the therapist, he asks her to lie on the couch face down. No but seriously, no playing around, she’s so ugly that when she wants to practice birth control, all she has to do is turn on the light.

It is articles like this that makes me so despise those who claim to believe in “men’s rights”. These monsters, including Roosh, should be stomped on, spat upon, and buried!

I’d expect to see him write up a list of “The 9 Ugliest Jews in America”, or the “The 9 Ugliest Niggers in America” or “The 9 Ugliest Muslims in America” next. That would be just as stupid, but at least he would be consistent in his hatred.

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