Corruption and Betrayal in a WoW Guild

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Last night, my faith in one of the oldest and largest guilds in all of World of Warcraft, Order of Knights Templar (OKT) of Lothar realm, was destroyed after several of its officers conspired to kick my main character, Bichorak, from the guild, claiming I caused “drama” in it.  My actual crime: Reporting to Blizzard cheating activities by one of the members, Kibblenbits, and discussing it privately with at least two of those same officers, one of whom dismissed it with the comment “Who cares?”. The actual officer who kicked me from the guild, with no warning whatsoever, was Kymophobia.

This was after I had been a member of the guild for many months and worked hard to help make the guild one of the best and most popular in Lothar realm. I’d had many, many great experiences with the guild and its members and thought nothing would ever end that. But another member, who had first alerted me to the cheating, also warned me that the corruption of the guild was not limited to that one member. I should have listened to her!





After that happened, I and one of my best friends in the game, Sarah Mayer aka Stormchick, founded a new guild titled Stormchasers after she left OKT willingly rather than tolerate what was done to me. She has proven to have the sense of honor others clearly do not!

UPDATE: On Thursday, August 23, 2012, another player named Clote was kicked from OKT  by Nonmortus after learning what was done to me and openly taking my side. I then decided to confront Nonmortus directly though whispers to confirm what had just been done. After he admitted what he’d done, I put him on ignore.  Not content with being rebuked by me, he then switched to an alt to attack me further and thus revealing, once and for all, his true attitude towards others in this game:

Meanwhile, I got a reply from Blizzard about the matter:



Further correspondence about this matter between me and Blizzard was as follows:

Corruption Part 2


Corruption Part 3X

Corruption Part 4X


Corruption Part 5

14 thoughts on “Corruption and Betrayal in a WoW Guild

  1. You left out something that I find important. What were the actual “cheating activities”? Id like to see a screenshot of the actual ticket you sent to Blizzard, as well as a screenshot of the response from Blizzard. Just because you, sir, think that something is unethical or “cheating”, doesn’t necessarily make it so. Your accusations speak to the lack of knowledge you have for the game, and are, quite frankly, embarrassing. If you were a good member of the guild, you would have gathered all the facts, done research, and listened to your guild mates, rather than trying to blow the virtual whistle on someone (a guildie, no less) for something that is not cheating. Fortunately, for the people that you have accused and defamed, as well as every other person on Earth, no one reads this blog. However, I am still intrigued to see the proof you have from the Blizzard response, Im sure it will clear things up.

    • You left out something that I find important. What were the actual “cheating activities”?

      Sounds like you are in denial about what happened. This is what I wrote to Blizzard:
      A player named Kibblenbits appears to be using a bot program to farm for money, loot and rep while killing pirates constantly at Southbreak Shore. He does not respond to any attempts to get his attention. This occured on the early morning of August 20, 2012.
      And it was also observed by two other players. So there were THREE witnesses to the incident.
      Blizzard replied later:
      I am Synsarria, Assassin Game Master. I wish we could have met under happier circumstances.

      I’m sorry to hear that a reknowned adventurer such as yourself had to witness such atrocities.

      We created the ability to report players directly through the game interface~ Simply right click on a player’s name in chat, or their character portrait, and select “Report Player For…”. These reports go directly to our staff for investigation, and automatically provide us the info we need to investigate. We ask that you submit any offensive behavior through this feature. (b^.^)b

      My blades and the shadows will be very, VERY pleased and eager to address any concerns submitted this way.

      If there’s any other issues that crop up, let us know. We’d be more than pleased to assist in any way we can.

      Fortune smile upon you and may the shadows never find your back.

      Synsarria, Assassin Game Master
      Blizzard Entertainment

      Your accusations speak to the lack of knowledge you have for the game, and are, quite frankly, embarrassing. If you were a good member of the guild, you would have gathered all the facts, done research, and listened to your guild mates, rather than trying to blow the virtual whistle on someone (a guildie, no less) for something that is not cheating.

      I know what I saw, and I know the Blizzard Terms of Service and what they prohibit, so your denials are pointless.

      You agree that you will not, under any circumstances:
      A.use cheats, automation software (bots), hacks, mods or any other unauthorized third-party software designed to modify the Service, any Game or any Game experience;

      Fortunately, for the people that you have accused and defamed, as well as every other person on Earth, no one reads this blog.
      Remarks like that only make you look profoundly stupid and arrogant. That is typical of dishonest people trying to attack those who tell the truth. Your name does look familiar. Are one of those cheaters yourself?

      I’ll post that screenshot in a moment.

      • The best part of this whole thing is that I still have my account after speaking to blizzard the night you say I was cheating. Of course I was playing late hours of the night because I was stationed in germany and therefore many hours ahead of the states. Furthermore, I did not give you permission to post pictures of myself on your blog and request that you remove them immediately before legal action will be taken.

        Furthermore, you didn’t get a response from me because I don’t like you and honestly I never will because your always starving for attention. I don’t care what you write about and if I’m worth your time to write about then great. But I will not have pictures if me posted by you on a website that I never agreed to.

        Therefore you are in violation of copywrite infringement. I will give you 48 hours to remove until legal actions are taken.

        (((Dale Husband: I think ALL of your statements are false and I KNOW the one about copywriting things on Facebook is.
        [[[A new Facebook hoax has duped some users into thinking they have legal ownership of photos, videos, messages and other content posted to their pages.

        They don’t.

        Photos and other material users make “public” are available to anyone with an Internet connection, and social media creeps who publish “public” material without permission or “written consent” cannot necessarily be punished under copyright or intellectual property laws.]]]

        I find it interesting that even though I have moved on from the matter referred to in this blog entry [I tend to ignore most of you OKTers now], you two were so butthurt at my exposure months ago of your guild’s treachery that you would come here and attack me, and on Christmas Eve, no less.

        Go ahead and sue me if you want the details of your crap to be dealt with in court. But for now, both of you STAY OFF MY BLOG!)))

        • I am taking legal action as well. Because my shit isn’t made public. Posting this, and connecting our WoW account names to our REAL name is HIGHLY illegal, and this could be a form of Cyber bullying. And plus, for all you know, I’m a 16 year old girl, which doing this brings it totally into another category.. I plan on taking legal action anyway. Even if you delete this, WordPress can be subpoenaed and they can pull this back up.

          This shit right here is EXACTLY why you were kicked. You couldn’t let it go so much, that you in fact starting causing Drama.

          YOU wanted to know my definition of “drama” this is it.

          You obviously can’t separate real life from World of Warcraft. You are doing what is legally called as “Defamation of Character” which is legally defined as:

          Any intentional false communication, either written or spoken, that harms a person’s reputation; decreases the respect, regard, or confidence in which a person is held; or induces disparaging, hostile, or disagreeable opinions or feelings against a person.

          Please take this down. You have 48 hours. Thanks.

          • Nothing I said here was false, so what are you crying about? You shouldn’t have kicked me the way you did….and by the way, I’ve seen that you are no longer in that guild anymore. I was loyal to it (as I thought it was, not as it turned out to be), but it seems you were not.

          • So you just admit to stalking me in game? Since I NEVER talk to you…


            (((Dale Husband: No, Ms. Paranoid, I happened to see you at the Shrine of Seven Stars, and noticed you no longer had “Order of Knights Templar” as your title. And you CANNOT talk to me because I put you on IGNORE a long time ago.)))

  2. You posted personally identifiable information relating to real life characters in World of Warcraft. I believe this is in violation of their policies. Your account should be permanently banned as I’ve just submitted a ticket. Hope this was all worth it.

    (((Dale Husband: Actually, I shared this very blog entry with a Blizzard representative [see above where I have added the evidence] and he gave me a detailed reply about it, including commenting on YOUR switching to an alt to attack me. The rep called that harassment even though I only referred to it on the blog itself, not in my message to Blizzard, and he even advised me to report such a thing if it ever happened to me again! So who was violating the Blizzard Terms of Service? If anything I myself posted on this blog violated Blizzard Terms of Service, surely the rep would have said something then and there and I would have removed or at least edited the blog entry according to his instructions. He did not, so you have lied. Your attempt to silence me only fuels my contempt for what you do in WoW.)))

  3. Mortus can not handle that he has been exposed! Down with OTK and their cheating members! We will not stand for it any longer, we must cleanse Azeroth of these vile excuse of Alliance members!

    • Thanks. Of course, it remains for Blizzard to deal with this latest incident; I have reported them that attacked me for harassment.

  4. [Long, hate-filled rant with no substance whatsoever]

    Thank you for your kind attention to and expected cooperation in this matter.

    (Dale Husband: You are truly one of the dumbest people in the world to make such a long comment saying absolutely NOTHING of value to expect me to do nothing more than laugh at it and promptly ban you from this blog. Go fuck off!)

  5. I too had an unfortunate run in with Nonmortius. He is rude, crude, and unrefined. Just his whole demeanor reeks of a guy who doesn’t take anything serious, including his life inside of World Of Warcraft.

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