Women shouldn’t teach at Christian schools, round 2

First, look at this:


Are all Christian schools this bigoted? Appearantly!


Former coach of the year fired from Christian school for out-of-wedlock pregnancy

In an incredibly bizarre situation that appears headed for a legal challenge, a Dallas-area volleyball coach and science teacher was fired by the Christian school at which she worked for becoming pregnant before being married.

As first reported by Dallas Fort Worth network WFAA, Rockwall (Texas) Heritage Christian Academy volleyball coach and science teacher Cathy Samford was fired during the fall semester after she became pregnant out of wedlock. Samford had led the volleyball program for three years and had been named the school’s coach of the year once during that span.

Still, that couldn’t help save her job when she first admitted her pregnancy during the fall semester, with the school terminating her based on a  violation of her contract’s morals clause because it was determined her pregnancy meant she could not serve as “a Christian role model.”

“I looked it up and thought, ‘They can’t do this,'” the 29-year-old Samford told WFAA. “We all have different views and interpretations. It’s not necessarily the Christian thing to do to throw somebody aside because of those.”

While Samford and her lawyer, Colin Walsh, are working toward filing a discrimination suit against the school, their case may be complicated by the fact that Heritage Christian Academy is a private school, and recent Supreme Court decisions have defended the right of Christian schools to exert more influence on their hirings and firings because they consider teachers to be “ministers in the classroom.”

“The Supreme Court, as a matter of fact in the last month, has ruled 9-to-0 that a Christian school does have that right, because this is a ministry, so we have the right to have standards of conduct,” Heritage Christian Academy headmaster Dr. Ron Taylor, who acknowledged that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission had contacted the school, told WFAA. “How’s it going to look to a little fourth-grade girl that sees she’s pregnant and she’s not married?”


While the two parties attempted mediation, those efforts failed quickly because the school refused to consider a settlement for the case.

That has left Samford uninsured and in financial distress as she heads towards giving birth, a situation she never considered possible when she was a proud member of Heritage Christian Academy’s faculty.

Would it have been better if this teacher and coach had chosen abortion to hide that she was ever pregnant? According to traditional Christian morals, isn’t having an abortion even worse than having the baby out of wedlock? And have any men been fired for getting a woman pregnant out of wedlock? I’ve never heard of that happening!

This is why I will never teach at or send any children I have to such a school….most of them seem to be run by sexist hypocrites! This is not about enforcing morals, this is about a school trying to save money by denying an insurance claim, something you would expect only from corrupt private businesses! And even if having a baby out of wedlock is considered immoral, the BABY should not be punished for her parents’ mistakes!

5 thoughts on “Women shouldn’t teach at Christian schools, round 2

  1. Exactly right… sexist hypocrites, but what’s even more disturbing is the lack of compassion. In this world… although many deny, there are different energies. There are energy of light… and the energy of the absence of. Light, or the of God, only encumpasses Love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and cannot encumpass the opposite of. Then the absence of light or fear encumpasses, “”How’s it going to look to a little fourth grade girl that sees she’s pregnant and she’s not married?” Taylor asked.” That is a fear based reaction, which means it’s absent light, therefore not of God. “I understand some people that would say ‘It’s a heartless thing to do,'” said the school’s headmaster, Dr. Ron Taylor.” Ummmm that is because it is. He dismissed this woman who is carrying a child of God in her belly. A being that is of all light, that is going to be born into a world of confusion and darkness… as displayed by the actions of the headmaster. What needs to be asked is this…. If God is “cause” for children being born into this world, then their is not a child that isn’t purposed by divine authority. Therefore, she is being dismissted from her job, for what may seem immoral to these (so called) Christians…but if immoral to God, she would not be pregnant.

    Judge and ye shall be judged…. this greatly applies when one puts the law of man above the law of God, and calls themselves Christian.

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  3. It’s interesting how you can’t view this objectively. This teacher knew the rules when she applied for the job — she knew that the school upheld Christian standards. And now she’s upset when the school actually does uphold them?

    Your problem is that you don’t agree with the standards, but you should ask yourself if you are being consistent. Would you have the same attitude if a teacher was fired from a Jewish school for not upholding Judaic standards or an Islamic school for not upholding Muslim ones? The whole idea of having different school is that they do have different standards. If they were simply private versions of public schools, there would be no point.

    As far as compassion goes, how about being compassionate towards the children and realizing that they need to have a good example set for them? Obviously, it completely undermines the message of chastity before marriage if the person relating that teaching is pregnant out of wedlock. It would be sort of like trying to teaching kids inclusiveness and about how bigotry is wrong and having a teacher who relates those concepts doing it while dressed in KKK sheets.

    • That’s because the whole concept of “chastity before marriage” is an unrealistic standard that sets people up for failure in their personal lives. For most people with a NORMAL sexuality, it is IMPOSSIBLE to consistently uphold that standard, and if you think otherwise, Bingo Bingo, you are DELUSIONAL and ignorant. But what else can you expect from religions that are themselves full of delusions and encourage people to be ignorant? You try living year after year in a human body with all its desires and see if you can keep it “pure” forever!

    • Bingo Bingo asked, “Would you have the same attitude if a teacher was fired from a Jewish school for not upholding Judaic standards or an Islamic school for not upholding Muslim ones?”

      I cannot believe you would even ask such a ridiculous question! I am aware that both Judaism and Islam also have that unrealistic standard of “chastity before marriage”. You know how they (and early Christians) used to solve that problem? By forcing teenage girls to marry either teenage boys or older men to prevent out of wedlock pregnancies! You want us to go back to THAT?! No thanks!

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