I get a stupid comment

Someone put the most annoying comment on my blog for me to moderate, and after I read it (and rejected it) , I found his own blog and saw that his comment on mine was nothing more than a copy and paste job from one of his blog entries. Actually, the ONLY entry he made on his blog, at least so far. Here’s a link to it:


You can go there to read his nonsense, but you won’t find it here. Indeed, I don’t intend to approve ANY comments from this pest.

You can write an entire novel of crap and it will still be crap, just as much as a comment of only one or two sentences that are stupid. If you cannot deal with the actual issues I raised about the Baha’i Faith, then a story about you falling in love with a Baha’i and converting to her religion only proves you are shallow-minded!

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