Damn the NRA!

As a rule, I oppose gun control; I see nothing wrong with people owning and using guns as a possible defense against home intruders, or even to hunt game animals with. The government should not interfere with that right, because if you disarm the people you make it easier to oppress them and take away more of their rights. Plus, making guns illegal only means that criminals will have them and be a threat to law-abiding citizens as well. No question, therefore, that most attempts at gun control are futile and counterproductive.

But having said all that, I will NEVER join the NRA, because they (or at least some of their leaders) are perverted extremists!

Want proof of that? Just look here:


We ought to hunt gray wolves
The bubbling pot of pent up anger over wolves in Montana appears likely to spill over some day soon.

Read About It: Great Falls Tribune

Posted: 12/27/2010 8:58:23 AM

Can someone tell me what killing wolves has to do with gun control? No, we should be leaving the wolves alone and indeed introduce them back in areas where they have been exterminated in the past, so they can hunt deer and help keep their numbers in check.

Indeed, one of the stupidest arguments made for hunting deer is “If we don’t hunt them, they will multiply, outgrow their food supply, and starve.” Indeed, but that only happens because there are no wolves to hunt them. Bring the wolves back, and the need for humans to hunt the deer constantly disappears. Oh, and that means I despise Ted Nugent too. Fuck him!

No Fun with Dick and Jane

See Johnny read. Johnny reads about Dick and Jane. Read, read, read Johnny. Boring, boring book. Johnny hates to read. Johnny can’t read the newspaper yet.

Seriously, the people who created and published the classic Dick and Jane Readers of the 20th Century should have been banned from working in any school or publishing company! I wonder how many young minds were ruined by those idiots!


I am a champion of phonics, and hope we never repeat the mistakes made in dumbing down our education via a long discredited method of teaching reading. Rudolf Flesch is one of my heros.