Why Intelligent Design cannot be scientific

We can look at the faces of U S Presidents carved on Mount Rushmore and know they were designed because we can come up with precise explanations for how human beings could have done it. We know human beings exist and that they are capable of doing such work. Likewise, we can examine a crime scene, knowing that human beings exist and are capable of committing crimes like robbery and murder, and how such crimes can be committed. But we know NOTHING directly about the supposed Designer of life on Earth or how he could have operated in the design process. Without that knowledge, Intelligent Design has no real scientific applications. It is nothing more than an appeal to religious prejudices.

One thought on “Why Intelligent Design cannot be scientific

  1. Scientific proof of The Virgin Birth is taught in public schools:


    (Dale Husband: You seem confused. Parthenogenesis does occur in a few species of animals, including some lizards, but there is NO evidence whatsoever that it ever happened or could happen among humans. As for the Big Bang Theory, it does not specify that the universe came out of nothing; that’s merely an assumption people make when they hear of it. In reality, there could have been a previous universe that collapsed into a Big Crunch that in turn triggered the next Big Bang. We don’t know and probably never will know. And faith is not a substitute for knowledge anyway. BTW, if Mary did give birth to Jesus as a virgin, then Jesus should have been a WOMAN.)

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