Dinosaurs and Creationism

One of the biggest frauds committed by Creationists, especially of the “Young Earth” variety, is to assert that dinosaurs existed as part of God’s creation as depicted in the Book of Genesis, that they were on the Ark of Noah, and that they died out after the flood. They do all this without a single shred of evidence for their claims, nor do they give any clear statements from the Bible as support. So from both a scientific and a theological perspective, they fail miserably.

See some examples of Creationist propaganda that mentions dinosaurs:









Why pay so much attention to dinosaurs? Because they are simply too big an issue to ignore. Children by nature are fascinated by such animals. But don’t Creationists realize that engaging in such empty rhetorical stunts and seduction only fools some people and repulses others? I imagine there must be many people who otherwise might have stayed within moderate forms of Christianity, but became so disgusted by the willingness of some Creationists to spew baseless claims and even lie outright about dinosaurs and other issues that they became unbelievers as a result. Because I was one of those! I was a Southern Baptist as a teenager who had no problem with evolution at first. My exposure to Creationist propaganda of people like Henry M. Morris and Duane T. Gish of the Institute for Creation Research, and also Ken Ham, who would later found Answers in Genesis, temporarily deceived me, but eventually would  drive me right out of Christianity when I realized how worthless their ideas really were!

The book that ended my support for Creationism? This:


I still have the early edition of that book that I read 20 years ago. Highly recommended!

Creationism is not only wrong, it’s BLASPHEMY! This is because it depicts God as a creator of dinosaurs (and a great many other species) who would then allow them to become extinct, leave behind fossils in the rocks, and fool scientists into believing in evolution. That God is no better than the Devil! And what is the Devil considered to be? A LIAR! Ironic, then that we have books like this calling evolution a lie:


But I know better.

7 thoughts on “Dinosaurs and Creationism

  1. Those of us who never bought into creationism in the first place have a lot less anger about the issue.

    As to your last paragraph…you really want to go with the word “blasphemy”? Oh wait, sorry I meant “BLASPHEMY!” I seem to recall god creating and then subsequently destroying all sorts of things in the bible, including a fairly close call with humanity. In fact, there seems to be alot of things in the bible that would cause one pause regarding God’s behavior toward the world. Killing off the dinos doesn’t seem particularly out of character.

    • The depiction of God in the Bible is not the only one you can believe in. If you go straight from Bible-based theism to atheism, you ignore a lot of possibilities. Assuming that you must be one or the other is the fallacy of the excluded middle. I am a non-theist, but the fact remains that I can conceive of a God that is not a mass destroyer, though he might create a universe according to certain physical laws and then allow that universe to run on its own (deism). Or God might actually BE the universe (pantheism). The depiction of God in the Bible is one that reflects the limited understanding of man at that time. We need to abandon it and grow up!

  2. I read an old earth creationist paper that served the purpose of debunking young earth creationist claims on this topic… It pointed out that the YECs believe that God put “special” genetic information in the animals so they could all adapt to the post-flood environment…But then they were quick to point out that the YECs also believe that the dinosaurs were unable to adapt to the post-flood environment hence having them die out… The paper pointed that out as an irreconcilable contradiction within young earth creationism, since that particular scenario of the dinosaur extinction actually argues against the YEC believe of God placing “special” genetic information in the animals to survive the post-flood environment.. Not to mention, it also begs the question as to what would the point be in putting the dinosaurs on the ark at all..

    I’m thinking about writing a post about that topic, but may not be for a while.

    (Dale Husband: Fixed your typos. Please remember that “environment” is always spelled with a N.)

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