Obama, a hypocrite?

This is a sequel to an earlier blog entry:


That was in reference to left-wing attackers. Many right-wingers shared the contempt for Barack Obama, but had their own agenda. Here’s an example:


We all know that Obama is a closet socialist, a “spread-the-wealth” type (from his own mouth). He wants people that make over $250k a year (a number that interestingly seems to be dropping lately) to pay welfare to others, as he remarked to “Joe the Plumber”.

You hypocrite, Obama.

You and your wife are lawyers, who are known to make a good buck, enjoy the high life, riding your private plane all over the US, enjoying wonderful meals and choice lodgings.

Meanwhile, at least 2 of your own relatives are living in poverty. Real poverty. Your aunt Zeituni Onyango, is living in the US illegally in public housing in Boston. A middle-aged woman, alone, living on welfare. Do you even acknowledge her, senator? Do you send a few bucks every month to help her along?

Your half-brother, George, is living in a shanty town on the outskirts of Kenya, while you and your family live in a $1.7 million dollar home in Chicago. Your half-friggin-brother. Your blood. Maybe you’ve had a falling out with him; or hardly know him – I can’t say. But surely, being the wonderful Messiah you are, you could reach out to him, and help him out, couldn’t you?

And yet, you want US to pay for everybody else’s welfare in the US.

You hypocrite.

Where is the national media on this, senator? Why hasn’t the American public been made aware of this hypocrisy? I think I know – they are in the tank for you, and won’t report this embarassing and shameful news.

My God, if John McCain was found to have a relative that had a minimum wage job, the press would be all over that.

But you get a pass, Senator Obama.

Indeed, he does get a pass, because the charge of hypocrisy is a smokescreen and I’m not fooled by it.

If Obama had given money to his impoverished relatives, then the right-wingers could have charged him with nepotism or even racism. “You give your money to your own people, not to the poor in general!”  And if Obama had given most of his wealth to the poor in general, then the right-wingers could have said, “See, rich people DO give their money away willingly, because Obama did, so as long as some of them do it freely, no higher taxes and redistribution of wealth by the government is warrented.”

Such self-serving claims ignore one fact: You do indeed show favoritism when you personally give money away to people you know. But if the government does the charity work, it can be done more objectively, as long as corruption is not an issue. And critical oversight would help prevent that. Ironically, abuses by private charities are more likely when the government does not oversee the efforts. All that talk by Conservatives about getting government out of people’s lives seems to encourage private charities to do as they please, including embezzle money donated to them.

If Obama does not pay the taxes that would be charged to him under his own tax policies, THEN he would be a hypocrite. Not until then.

What does those make the writer of the other blog? A bigoted liar yet again, just as in the previous round I had with him: https://dalehusband.wordpress.com/2008/10/03/seeking-balance-in-politics-and-activism/

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