The chain of Abrahamic religions is too rusty and weak

There are four religions in the world that are classed as “Abrahamic”, being descended from the original work of Abraham. Abraham himself left no writings of his own and he may have been only legendary, as much as Greek myths are thought to be. He founded no religion that survives today.

Judaism: Considered to have been founded by Moses. He was credited with writing the Torah (the first five books of the Old Testament), but this is incorrect; He may have written the laws detailed in the Torah, but not the Torah itself, since his death is recorded at the end of it and it is implied that it was made several centuries after Moses’ time. So the foundation of this religion is uncertain.

Christianity: Considered to have been founded by Jesus, but he himself wrote nothing that we have and the stories and quotations of him are entirely second-hand. In addition, most Christian doctrine was formulated by Paul, who was not even an original desciple of Jesus, but joined the Christians later after being their enemy. Thus the foundation of this religion is highly uncertain.

Islam: Founded by the Prophet Muhammad. He was said to be illiterate, and dictated most of the Quran to various scribes rather than write it directly. It wasn’t until after his death that the Quran was assembled in its final form, and it was not assembled in chronological order.

The Baha’i Faith: Baha’u’llah, the founder of this religion, is said to have written his own books. But he too relied on personal secretaries to do most of this, including Mirza Aqa Jan, who later would be condemned as a “Covenant-breaker” for opposing Abdu’l-Baha, the son and immediate successor of Baha’u’llah.

The credibilility of the Baha’i Faith is dependent on Islam, the credibility of Islam is dependent on Christianity, and the credibility of Christianity is dependent on Judaism. Yet all these religions also claim that the earlier ones were corrupted over time, making the new ones necessary. Does this make sense? What if all four religions were flawed from the beginning, because their means of recording their teachings were flawed? Their founders could have written and edited their writings all by themselves and not allowed others to make unauthorized editions after their time. Thus any possible errors or contradictions in those teachings would have been prevented. Outsiders could have been prevented from polluting the original faith with foreign concepts. Disputes between followers could have been settled without assuming blindly that the leadership was never to be questioned and that others could “agree to disagree” without being treated as traitors.

None of these were done, except by the most liberal branches of these faiths, and thus they have been sources of tyranny and ignorance rather than liberty and enlightenment. And as this essay shows, there is really no reason for ANYONE to be certain that any of them are absolutely true, especially since modern science has completely debunked the creation myth that was said to be the very root of all of them.

7 thoughts on “The chain of Abrahamic religions is too rusty and weak

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  2. “Yet all these religions also claim that the earlier ones were corrupted over time, making the new ones necessary.”

    Orthodox Christianity never claimed Judaism was corrupted. Corruption of Judaism did not make Christianity necessary.

    [Dale Husband: A simple reading of the New Testament, including the teachings attributed to Jesus Himself, proves you to be a liar, Michael. And I have ZERO tolerance for anyone caught lying here. You are banned.]

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  6. Also, it gets even worse when they sloppily try to fit non-Abrahamic religions in there. Iranian religions like Zoroastrianism and Dharmic religions like Hinduism and Buddhism complicate the chain idea exponentially. Bahaism is explicitly Abrahamic, yet somehow tries to fit in these other religions into its framework.

    Back to Abarhamic, you skipped over Bayanism/Babism (sometimes called Azalism cacoophemistically by Bahais). They try to gloss over this development as well. It is interesting studying Bayanism, but Bahais tend to ignore it as its own religion and tend to lump it and Bahaism into one religion, Bahaism. They just can’t see why logically any Bayanist would logically say that Bahaullah isn’t He Whom God Shall Make Manifest despite all the arguments Bayanists give which they are mandated to ignore despite independent investigation of truth.

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