3 thoughts on “Can we send Bush Jr to hell now?

  1. Oh man, wouldn’t it just be awesome if Bush could be pulled right now instead of being allowed to continue inflicting his unbelievable (and dangerous) agendas onto the country’s people? I think Keith Olbermann should receive some kind of medal for his brave commentary…

    I saw a video, recently, that revealed the Bush family’s connections to Nazi Germany, and I gotta say, my jaw just about fell right off my face, I was so stunned. There’s actual, documented proof, Dale; what’s really scary is that despite this information coming out, Bush and the Bush family just doesn’t seem to care…

  2. Why should they care, Holly? Bush Jr does not have to face the voters again and so we will not have the pleasure of seeing him lose an election. And most Americans are so blinded by their own ignorance, thanks to the dumbing down of schools, that they don’t even realize how the Iraq War itself totally violated the Constitution. America never declared war on Iraq, and to get a legal declaration of war, the President must go before Congress and ask for it. Instead, Congress, then controlled by Republicans, passed an act authorizing the President to simply start a war on his own, with or without their formal approval. That was illegal, because the act was not a Constitutional Amendment that had been ratified, but almost no one even took notice!

  3. Yes, that’s true, Dale; I agree people have definitely been deliberately dumbed-down. It’s like the government has been on some weird kind of slow brainwashing agenda, and the expected results are only showing up now, when the people’s resistance is needed the most. Isn’t it mind-numbing to realize just how much the government gets away with when they make it look like something that threatens the people’s security and safety? ::sighing:: So sad… 😦

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