Automatic Credibility

I have coined the term “automatic credibility” to refer to the tendency to accept as fact a questionable statement made by a person, even if they person does not produce definite evidence to support his claim. Most people would grant automatic credibility to their parents, close friends, or a religious leader in his chosen faith. But as a Honorable Skeptic, my ideal would be to grant to NO ONE that privilege and to regard all claims by all people with equal suspicion. In a court of law, in a science journal, and in diplomatic dealings between nations, automatic credibility is usually not an issue. Nor should it be with anyone, about anything. If we could achieve this goal, a lot of lying, cheating, and backstabbing in things like politics would end.


6 thoughts on “Automatic Credibility

  1. If I’m understanding your post correctly, Dale, what you’re saying is that, in your opinion, people shouldn’t just be arbitrarily believed just because of who they are or who they know; they should have to prove themselves based upon their own merits. Is that right – am I understanding you correctly? If so, I have to agree with you. Just because one person does a good job, that doesn’t mean their descendants will do a good job…

  2. Exactly, Holly! I invented the term “automatic credibility” to replace “faith” because that other term is too closely associated with religion, while there are many issues that do not involve religion at all that deal with one’s credibility.

  3. LOL Oh, boy, did you say a mouthful there, Dale – and I don’t mean that as an insult, either. I mean that the association between religion and “faith” is such a huge can of worms, at times…

    In a completely off-topic manner, can I add you to my blogroll?

  4. Note to skunkcousins:

    Please do not bother me with your childish comments here again. I have noted both your name and your e-mail address and will notify the administrators of WordPress if you continue your inane attempts at disrupting other people’s blogs.

  5. Hi Dale. Just dropping by to wish you a great day and a great week ahead. Hope to see you posting again soon. 🙂

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