Mormon Missionary, made a PERVERT

What a shocker this story is!

Utahn accused in ‘sextortion’ of over 50 teens, charges say

ALT LAKE CITY — A South Jordan man accused of sextortion was arrested Monday on a $500,000 warrant and then quickly made bail.

Gabe Ryan Gilbert, 19, was charged with contacting juvenile girls on social media and threatening to photo-edit nude images of them if they would not send him real nude photos.

Gilbert is charged in 3rd District Court with five counts of aggravated sexual extortion of a child, a first-degree felony, and four counts of sexual exploitation of a minor, a second-degree felony.

The investigation began in August when agents with the Internet Crimes Against Children task force learned that Gilbert had been using Snapchat to extort teenage girls, according to charging documents.

A 15-year-old girl reported to authorities that Gilbert “had threatened to photoshop images of her face onto nude photos unless she sent real nude pictures of herself,” the charges state. In one Snapchat conversation, Gilbert allegedly threatened to “expose” her if she didn’t send a picture in one minute.

When investigators looked into Gilbert’s Snapchat account, in which he was using an alias, “it was obvious the user had been engaging in very similar behavior with other underage girls. I identified well over 50 potential victims of this type of sexual extortion,” investigators with the Utah Attorney General’s Office wrote in the charges.

Agents went to Gilbert’s home in March only to find out that he was serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Mexico, and had left about two months after the alleged extortion attempt involving the 15-year-old, according to charging documents.

In April, “I was contacted by an attorney for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He stated the same day I spoke with (Gilbert’s mom) about this case … she contacted the mission president and explained we had asked to speak with Gabe. The mission president called Gabe in and interviewed him. What Gabe said was not disclosed, but he was immediately sent home,” the charges state.

When investigators returned to the Gilbert home, his parents refused to tell them where Gilbert was or talk to them without a lawyer, according to the court documents.

“I told her Gabe was an adult and was free to decline to speak with me, but she cannot hide him,” an agent wrote.

Gilbert also allegedly pressured a girlfriend into sending nude photos of herself in 2017 when he was 17 and she was 15. She had already sent some photos and was reluctant to send more, but Gilbert “threatened to expose her and distribute the images she had already sent him unless she sent him more photos,” the charges state.

In May 2018, Gilbert pressured a girl, believed to be between 14 and 16 years old, into sending explicit videos of herself, the charges state. He “aggressively threatened a Snapchat user that he would ruin her life by exposing her nude photos. He continued to repeat these threats while telling the user to record nude videos of herself and send them to him,” according to the charges.

Investigators say he also threatened to “expose” a 16-year-old girl in June 2018 by sending pictures to her grandmother, and also threatened a 14-year-old girl the same month.

“His messages included threats to send rapists and human traffickers to her house,” agents wrote in the charges. When the girl replied that she was not scared of Gilbert, he allegedly “sent four screenshots of (her) exact location, down to an image of her house.”

Charging documents list three other underage girls that Gilbert threatened to photo-edit nude images on their faces if they did not send real nude selfies, according to charging documents.

Investigators requested that should Gilbert make bail that he not be allowed to access any electronic devices.

This is ludicrous! If I was a teenage girl so threatened and the guy had carried out his threat of blackmail against me, I would have merely said the pic of me was fake and then reported the issue to the police anyway. What made that sick little creep think he could possibly get away with such nonsense?!

When he goes to prison, it should be told to all the other inmates what he had tried to do to those young girls, and also that he was a Mormon missionary. You can bet he will find a lot of fellow imates eager to show him what sexual harassment and abuse feels like! Especially if some of those inmates are actually Mormons themselves. Or ex-Mormons, for that matter.

An Open Letter to Lawrence Krauss

First, read this:

If you actually said what Rebecca Watson quoted of you, then you are one contemptible hypocrite. Not a true skeptic anymore, and certainly not an Honorable Skeptic like I try to be. Close friendship is no excuse for selling out!

Rebecca wrote:

Jeffrey Epstein is the infamous media mogul who was jailed in 2008 for paying underage prostitutes who said they were recruited by his aides. Some girls were allegedly flown in from Eastern Europe, their visas arranged by his bookkeeper.

Then she quotes you as saying:

Based on my direct experience with Jeffrey, which is all I can base my assessment on, he is a thoughtful, kind, considerate man who is generous to his friends, and all of the women I have known who have been associated with Jeffrey speak glowingly in the same words……jeffrey apparently paid for massages with sex… I believe him when he told me he had no idea the girls were underage, and I doubt that people normally are asked for or present a driver’s license under such circumstances… Moreover, I also believe that Jeffrey is an easy target for those who want to take advantage of him…

You sound like an IDIOT there! WTF is wrong with you?! I wonder if you are a sex offender yourself, to rationalize away the actions of Epstein and claim that he isn’t so bad because he has so many other “good” qualities. NO! A MURDERER is a MURDERER, and child rapist is a child rapist, period! And a skeptic is a skeptic also, and you are NOT one anymore!

Another thing I am adamant about is my sense of honor, which I hold more dear to me than my life. It allows for no exceptions whatsoever. So if I have lost friends or even made enemies for standing up for my honor, so be it. If I see someone who comes across to me as a liar, a bully, or just plain rude and stupid, then I usually try to fight back. If I see someone doing or saying things that damage the credibility of the causes I happen to believe in, I deeply take offense at that because I want those causes to be protected, even at the expense of picking fights with those who are unworthy to support those causes. I believe in absolute standards of right and wrong and so I see no point in ever excusing something that is wrong because the wrongdoer is otherwise a friendly or nice guy. That’s how corruption sets in.

No matter how great the pressure, I feel that one must never “sell out”. It is being able to stand up to the urge to conform to the shallow desires and priorites of others who have a limited vision that makes one truly heroic. I choose my friends according to my ideals; I never bend my ideals for the sake of keeping friends.

That is MY standard, and I am saddened that it is not yours. Grow up!

With disgust,

Dale Husband