My most beloved friend in YouTube!

I’ve been using an app called Plotagon since April of last year to make videos using characters I created to tell dramatic stories.

Now I have befriended a fellow Plotagon user who seems to be very much a kindred spirit to me. I first took notice of her back in October…..

and then the following month she made these videos for Thanksgiving:

I thought that last one was especially amusing, so I made my own version of a dance party:

The user’s name in YouTube is Mary Bliss peanutcat1977 and this is her YouTube channel:

It wasn’t long before she began to have a strong influence on my own Plotagon stories. For example, the leading couple in her videos are Paul Jones and Vicky Jones (aka the Blazing Beauty).

I had already made a character for the Debbie and Carrie Show named Vicky Sims. That my Vicky had the same name as the Vicky of Mary Bliss was only a coincidence, but then I decided to give my Vicky Sims  a love partner…..and so I named him PAUL!

Then I took it a step further and made a copy of Vicky Jones to have her meet my Vicky Sims.

Her response:

This is awesome!!! 👌 thank you very much!!!

2 thoughts on “My most beloved friend in YouTube!

  1. So I kept going. A major villain in Mary Bliss’ stories is Hermine Benson. Here is a video featuring her:

    I thought she was TERRIBLE….so much so that I made a duplicate of her, renamed her “Diana Kalli” and introduced her as a new enemy in the Debbie and Carrie Show….sort of.

    • Then I made one more reference to Mary Bliss’ creations here:

      Then…..she made this in tribute to me!

      Followed by this:

      And finally I tried to make her “Tolerance” episode fit in the Debbie and Carrie Show timeline, resulting in this:

      Most users of Plotagon tend to make meaningless fluff, so I am happy to see works by at least one other user that have real substance to them!

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