A Damning Case of Anti-Baha’i Plagiarism

A new book has been offered for sale on Amazon that is supposed to be highly critical of the Baha’i Faith.

The Truth About the Baha’i Faith: A Shocking Expose’

Kindle Edition

Who is this Darrick Evenson, and why would he have “the Unitarian Baha’is” listed as a co-author? Who could that refer to?
Looking through the text of the book, I find something strangely familiar about it. Especially after the part that is titled:

Part II

The Bab (Gate)

The First Vision of Muhammad (2.1)
Then I remember why. I look up a website that was also critical of the Baha’i Faith, but it is gone. Then I remember the Wayback Machine…..and find a snapshot of that missing website there!
And scroll down to this section:

The First Vision of Muhammad (pbuh)

And there it is, the text of the book. The book was COPIED from the website! The original author of the text was actually Daniel Kayse.

About 610 A.D. a man named Muhammad (pbuh), a trader, was meditating in a cave near his home of Mecca, in the country of Higaz, in what is now Saudi Arabia. A man appeared in the cave without calling out first, and said to Muhammad (pbug) “RECITE!” Muhammad (pbuh) said “I can’t even read!” but the man said “Recite!” two more times. Muhammad (pbuh) ran out of the cave in fright, and the “man” was standing in the air, telling him to “recite” in the Name of Allah certain Verses he (the man standing in the air) would tell him to recite. And so it began. The Apostle of God was taught 114 poems by the Angel Jibril (Gabriel) over a period of fourteen years, and the Apostle of God would recite these to people who were willing to listen to him. After the death of the Apostle of God, some followed Abu Baker as “Kawleef” (Successor) but others followed Ali ibn Abu Talib, the cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad (pbuh) as “Imaam” (Arabic: “Leader”). Those that followed Ali were called “Shee-ah” (Arabic: “Partisans”). The eldest male descendants of Ali became the “Imaams” of Shi’a Islaam; which is found mostly in Iran, southern Iraq, and parts of Lebanon, Pakistan, and India. The last “Imaam” was Muhammad ibn Hasan al-Mehdi, who was just a small boy when he “disappeared”. Nobody knows what happened to him. But not long afterwards a Shi’ite arose claiming to be the spokesman, or “Gate” of the “Hidden Imaam”; claiming that Allah took the Imaam into a place of hiding, or “occultation”, until the Last Days, when the Hidden Imaam will return as a grown man, and establish the rule of Shi’ite Islaam everywhere, and establish peace and justice everywhere. Jesus will come with him, and kill the swine and break the crosses and kill the Anti-Christ named al-Dijjal (Arabic: “The Liar”). Three more “Gates” (deputies) of the Hidden Imaam arose, but after the Fourth Gate, that ceased.

The 12 Imaams of Shi’ite Islaam were:

Imam Ali
Imam Hassan
Imam Hussain
Imam Zain ul abedeen
Imam Mohammad al-Baqr
Imam Jafaar as Saadiq
Imam Musa Qazim
Imam Ali Raza
Imam Ali Naqi
Imam Hassan Askari
Imam Mohammad Mahdi

In 874 A.D. (260 A.H.) the Imaam Mohammad Mahdi, a boy of 7, goes missing. Shi’ites believe that he went down in a cave under a Masjid (Mosque) in Samarra, Iran. They believe God is keeping the boy alive all this time, and he will come forth in the last days, as a man, leading an Army of Shi’ites to final victory over all opposing forces in the world, and will rule the world for several years, until Jesus returns. This “hiding” of the Imaam Mehdi by God in a secret underground cavern is called the “Occultation” (Latin: “hiding”). It is divided into the “Greater Occultation” and the “Lesser Occultation”.

The Greater Occultation occurs to the “Hidden Imaam” who does not communicate with the Shi’ite Muslims. The Lesser Occultation refers to the Hidden Imaam communicating to the Shi’ite Muslims, and thus “guiding” them, via deputies, or channelers, called the “Abvab” (Arabic: “Gates”). Shi’ite Islaam recognizes four “Abvab” or “Gates” who were the legitimate deputies/representatives of the Hidden Imaam (Mehdi). Each deputy was called “al-Bab” (“The Gate”) to the Hidden Imaam; meaning his representative, or, what we would say in the West, the “channeler” of the Hidden Imaam.

Four Shi’ites arose after the boy went missing, one after another, claiming to be the Gate (al-Bab) of the Hidden Imaam, his representatives. They were:

Uthman Al-Amir
Abu Jafaar Muhammad ibn Uthman
Abu l Qasim Husayn ibn Ruh al Nawbakhti
Abu`I Husayn Ali ibn Muhammad as Sammari

Word for word, the two works are IDENTICAL, even containing the same error. Both works refer to TWELVE Imams, but list only ELEVEN names.

Darrick Evenson has committed plagiarism and his book should be removed from Amazon immediately!

4 thoughts on “A Damning Case of Anti-Baha’i Plagiarism

    • Just noticed this blogpost.
      “Daniel Kayse” and “Aenon E. Moss” are both fake names of Darrick Evenson, so there is no plagiarism, pages you mention, as well as zillion other pages on free hosting resources have been created by him under dozen of names.
      The ‘book’ is not credible academically at all and is completely amateurish, but I see his reasons of publishing it as bahai critic.
      Darrick was also creator of couple of Unitarian Bahai pages:
      He was member of Eric Stetson’s group at the very beginning, and then left it because he could not agree with accepting homosexuals. At that time he was calling himself a Daheshist.
      He has disappeared for a while, apparently he was homeless for some period
      but then returned to his online activities and now creates “books” rather than webpages.

      • Thank you for confirming my suspicions. Any way you slice it, Darrick Evenson sounds like a lunatic no one should take seriously.

  1. Now I learn that Darrick Evenson has put out two more books on Amazon, about a completely different topic.

    America Bleed A Lot: Shocking But True Stories of Unprovoked Black on White violence in America
    by Darrick Evenson (Author)

    {{{Shocking but true stories of unprovoked black and white violence, written by the people who experienced it first-hand. A compilation of first-person eye-witness accounts of anti-white acts of violence. A companion to “White Girl Bleed A Lot” and “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry” by Colin Flaherty. Hundreds of emails sent to Colin Flaherty by the white (and sometimes Hispanic, Asian, and Mixed-Race) victims of unprovoked racial violence. Compiled and edited by Darrick Evenson.}}}

    What the hell…….I’m not touching that with a ten meter pole!

    Then there is this:

    Black on White Violence in America: volume one
    by darrick Evenson (Author)

    {{{“Black Lives Matter” and the American liberal media will try to convince you that white racists are murdering and terrorizing innocent black people all over America. Is that the truth? This book shows a different “truth”. This book is about “factual” truth. This book contains over 300 personal stories of unprovoked black on white violence, as told by the victims. This book is a companion to “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry” by Colin Flaherty. The stories are mostly about graphic violence, but also about domestic terrorism, and how Liberal school administrators, Liberal judges, and the Liberal Media tries to cover-it-all-up and blame the victims.}}}

    While I don’t deny that there have been black on white crime, that doesn’t justify police murders of unarmed black people in the slightest. Seriously???

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