False Advertising by Hebrew Christians

As a matter of ethical consistency, I believe there needs to be clear definitions of words, including in religion. Thus I was dismayed to discover on TV a show titled “Jewish Voice” that featured a “rabbi” that talked about Jesus as the Messiah, which is a basic teaching of CHRISTIANITY, not Judaism. Jews actually do NOT believe that Jesus was the Messiah, and certainly do not believe he was God incarnate, as most Christians believe!



Our Mission and Vision

We exist to transform lives and see all Israel saved.

It is the mission of Jewish Voice Ministries to:

  • Proclaim the Gospel to the Jew First
  • Grow the Messianic Jewish community
  • Engage the Church concerning Israel and the Jewish people

Jewish Voice carries out this mission through a many-faceted ministry that includes humanitarian medical outreaches, large-scale international festivals, congregation planting and leadership training, television, print media, digital channels, and speaking engagements.

The Early Days

Louis Kaplan
Louis Kaplan, founder of
Jewish Voice Broadcasts
radio program.

Louis Kaplan’s commitment to use his voice to declare the mighty acts of God to his generation and to the next is the foundation for the work of Jewish Voice Ministries International (JVMI). Kaplan, a Jewish follower of Yeshua, launched Jewish Voice Broadcasts in 1967, a weekly 15-minute radio program It was an outgrowth of his decades of work as a traveling evangelist,. The radio program and the program first aired on Christian radio in Phoenix, Arizona.

1967 was a watershed year in Jewish history. Israel reclaimed the city of Jerusalem in the Six-Day War on June 7th, 1967. This miraculous act was a fulfillment of a prophecy in Luke 21:24 that directly connects the reestablishment of Jerusalem with the times of the Gentiles being fulfilled.

Louis Kaplan believed he’d followed his Savior to the crossroads of prophetic history. He’d committed his life to Yeshua at age 19 at the height of the Great Depression after attending a revival meeting at a nearby church. He said, “After the service, I hesitantly approached the minister and asked him privately if a Jew could be saved.

“He replied: ‘Salvation is of the Jews, and Peter and Paul and the prophets were all Jews.’

“I was astonished at that time to know that Christianity sprang from Judaism and that the first Christians were Jews!” After he committed his life to his Jewish Messiah, Kaplan returned to the home of his parents in New York City in order to tell them about his decision. After a bitter argument, his family asked him to leave the home never to return.

Yeshua is simply the Hebrew version of Jesus, as if using that name somehow makes accepting Jesus as the Messiah easier.

And while it is regrettable that Louis Kaplan’s parents disowned him for becoming a Christian, that doesn’t excuse trying to rebrand a version of Christianity to look like a version of Judaism. The two religions really have a vast gulf in beliefs between them.

They have different ideas of salvation, because no Jew ever taught that it was appropriate for a man to be sacrificed for the sins of the people before the time of Jesus. Human sacrifice was a pagan ritual that was regarded with horror.


“Yeshua” is the Hebrew word for “Jesus.” The name means “to rescue, to save, or to deliver.”

Is Yeshua a rabbi (teacher)? A prophet? A fraud?

Or is He who He claimed to be – the only Son of the one true God, the Savior of the world?

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.
⎯John 3:16 TLV

The way you answer this question has implications both now and forever. It is not an accident you’re reading these words today. If you’ve never before considered who Jesus is and why the answer matters in your life, please keep reading.


Yeshua fulfilled many ancient prophecies about the Messiah including:

  • Messiah is to be born of a virgin: Isaiah 7:14, (Matthew 1:18-2:1, Luke 1:26-35)
  • Messiah is to be born in Bethlehem: Micah 5:2, (Matt. 2:1-7, John 7:42, Luke 2:4-7)
  • Messiah is to be raised from the dead: Isaiah 53:9-10, Psalm 2:7, 16:10, (Matthew 28:1-20, Acts 2:23-36,13:33-37, 1 Corinthians 11:4-6)

I debunked the point about the prophet Isaiah predicting that the Messiah would be born of a virgin here:


So it’s quite obvious now that Isaiah was referring only to his own son, NOT to someone who would be born centuries from now to a virgin. Isaiah’s wife was not a virgin! The word “virgin” was falsely used in the Greek Scriptures (the New Testament) at Matthew 1:23 to apply the prophecy to Jesus, but it was not in the original Hebrew Scriptures. By the way, this debunks the notion that the writer of Matthew’s Gospel was a Jew writing for other Jews, since any actual Jew who knew the original context of Isaiah’s prophecy would have known Matthew was writing outright fraud. This matter would also explain why the Roman Catholic Church was so reluctant for centuries to allow the Bible to be translated from the Latin Vulgate to modern languages. People would have eventually realized the problem with scriptures like Matthew’s gospel and rejected Christianity as a result. And that’s what has happened, pathological  liars like Josh McDowell notwithstanding.

No wonder most Jews refuse to become Christians!

And yet a casual TV watcher, especially if he was Christian, would come across the Jewish Voice TV show and website and, in the absence of mainstream Jewish teachings appearing on TV at all, he would assume that most Jews actually believe in “Yeshua” when in reality they do not!

This is false advertising and we need to call those hypocrites out on that. They are Hebrew CHRISTIANS, not “Messianic Jews”.

2 thoughts on “False Advertising by Hebrew Christians

  1. Here’s a true Jewish website made to counter the false teachers:



    {{{Many missionaries are sincere and open about their aims, and we certainly respect the rights of individuals and organizations to proclaim their heartfelt beliefs. But why do Jews and Christians deplore the tactics of Hebrew Christian missionaries?

    The Christian missionaries we refer to in this pamphlet, however, are proselytizing primarily to Jewish people, and are declaring that they are the repository of authentic Judaism . . .

    These missionaries (Jews for Jesus, Messianic Jews and a host of other such organizations), share the belief that Jesus was Messiah and G-d. In doing so, they are espousing a belief system which is Christian, not Jewish.

    Their use of Jewish symbols, phrases and even rituals serve merely as a veneer. Their actual goal is to convert unsuspecting Jews to Christianity. Even Rev. Bill Graham has, on several occasions, denounced the use on gimmicks in proselytizing and publicly distanced himself from the practice of targeting Jews for conversion.1

    It is important to note that responsible Christian leaders agree with this and go one step further they will tell you that these so-called “Messianic Jews” (as Hebrew-Christians prefer to be called), are neither representing true Judaism, nor are they conveying true Christianity!

    The Jewish Community works alongside the Christian community on a variety of common concerns. Christians of good faith recognize the distinction between our two faiths, and would never think of redefining Judaism in order to convert Jewish people.

    A columnist in the Catholic New York states:

    In short, they [Messianic Jews] attempt to … ‘sell’ Jews (particularly the young and vulnerable) a truncated version of Christianity. At the same time, they selectively appropriate elements of sacred Jewish tradition and practice. The result is a fundamental distortion of authentic Christianity and a denigration of the integrity of Judaism. 2

    In fact, the Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington, D.C., a group which includes Baptist and other mainline Protestant groups as well as the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., proclaimed:

    These groups [‘Hebrew Christians’ or ‘Messianic Jews’] specifically target Jews for conversion to their version of Christianity . . . By celebrating Jewish festivals, worshiping on the Jewish Sabbath, appropriating Jewish symbols, rituals and prayers in their churches, . . . they seek to win over . . . many Jews who are sincerely looking for a path back to their ancient heritage . . . These proselytizing techniques are tantamount to coerced conversions and should be concerned.3

    In a document ratified by the religious leaders of. all four major Jewish denominations (Conservative, Orthodox, Reconstructionist and Reform), it is stated that:

    Jewish leadership had unequivocally declared ‘Hebrew Christians’ as completely separate and disassociated from the Jewish community.

    Though Hebrew Christianity claims to be a form of Judaism, it is not. It is nothing more than a disguised effort to missionize Jews and convert them to Christianity…

    Hebrew Christians are in radical conflict with the communal interests and destiny of the Jewish people. They have crossed an unbreachable chasm by accepting another religion. Despite this separation, the continue to attempt to convert their former co-religionists.4

    1 Baptist Press, February 26, 1997; January 4, 2000

    2 Catholic New York, January 7, 1998,

    3 Catholic New York, January 7, 1998,

    4 Meeting the Challenge }}}

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