The defection of Laci Green

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I first heard of her when she was an atheist activist, but after a while she dropped that issue and focused on positive sex education instead, becoming very popular on YouTube. But now it appears Laci has abandoned the hard-core progressive views she once held and is attacking her former allies. Let me state that while I am disappointed in this development, I am not surprised; I suspect it was a delayed reaction to her being sent those insane death threats by the left-wing extremists on Tumblr. I hope those bastards are happy for having alienated her!

Former LGBT-friendly YouTuber Laci Green attacks trans activist

A YouTuber who used to pride themselves on being LGBT-friendly and sex positive has back tracked on some of her forward thinking views after taking a break from the platform.

Laci Green announced that she would be taking a break from the platform in February and upon her return she has released a number of videos about gender identity.

The videos were sparked off by one video called “taking the red pill?” in which Green talks about censoring right-wing views.

In the video, she supports transphobic Milo Yiannapolous and says that he should not have been “shut down”.


She said: “By shutting down platforms for speech or making ideas too taboo to talk about it doesn’t promote social justice. It makes those poor censored voices more sympathetic to a moderate audience, case in point Milo Yiannapolous.”

Green insisted that Yiannapoulos should be allowed to give speeches at University and have access to Twitter, despite the fact that the former Breitbart editor launched an attack against a trans student at one of his talks.

He was also hastily ditched as an alt-right figurehead earlier this year after damaging tapes emerged in which he discussed men who have sex with underage boys.

In one of the more recent videos Green called “why so many freakin genders”, the YouTuber attacked a separate transgender blogger for a tweet that was taken out of context.

She uses the tweet as part of a criticism against trans activists as she argues that science on trans biology is “misogynistic pseudo-science”.

The tweet, which is censored by Green but is from trans right blogger Zinnia Jones, appeared to show her advocating “rubbing her dick and balls all over a straight guy’s face until he’s into it.

However, the tweet was a sarcastic response to a transphobe and was entirely taken out of context.

Jones has criticised Green for taking information “out of context” to make her point.

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Throughout the videos, Green still tries to present herself as liberal in her feminism and insists that she does believe “trans women are women”.

However, numerous points she makes contradict her liberal out look – including a move to invite transphobe Meghan Murphy onto her channel.

This is further illustrated in a video in which she spoke about an article that was published on trans-racialism. 

A group of academics who condemned the article for degrading transgender people, but Green says that these academics should not have done that.

Green has also aligned herself with some people who consider themselves to be anti-social justice warriors, including YouTubers like Chris Ray Gun, who she is rumoured to be dating.

The YouTuber is now in limbo with her views as she’s becoming a platform for transphobic views, but is trying to retain that she is not a TERF.

In her most recent video, Green explains that the videos have created a lot of “drama” but she wants to continue talking about the “upsetting opinions” so she can “push the boundaries”.

Here are other versions of the same story:

Laci, having a dialogue with transphobes and anti-feminists is only useful if you are DEBATING them once and then using their own words against them in future videos or blog entries to show the absurdity of their views and what they advocate. But you are not doing that… are ENABLING their bigotry and extremism by implying it is just an opinion as valid as yours instead of something EVIL to be defeated. That indeed makes you a betrayer, not a genuine advocate for truth and for justice! I will cut any social media ties I have with you as a result!

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