Falsehoods about the “regressive left”

1. Progressives are now using the same subversive and highly inflammatory tactics that they have seen conservatives use against their liberal opponents for decades. But for some reason they are condemned as “intolerant” for this. That’s like going to fight with someone else when you have only a dagger when your opponent has a gun; you should not be condemned for insisting that you need a gun too!

2. Progressives are not a monolith; they are individuals and may disagree with each other as well as with conservatives. If one progressive activist claims something is racist, sexist, or otherwise prejudicial, that only reflects the opinion of that one activist; others may not agree.

3. Criticism is not censorship! If Progressive activists attack right-wing opponents via the media, that is not an indication that they are calling upon the government to shut their opponents down. Unless and until you actually hear the progressive ask for any such thing, you lie when you claim such. Freedom of speech is just that and must apply to all.

4. The media has NEVER been dominated by liberals. Back in the 1960s and 70s, the media simply reported the truth about what was going on in America and around the world, often causing conservatives to look bad. In the 1980s, President Reagan got rid of the Fairness Doctrine, which insisted that all media outlets be fair and balanced. With that gone, corporations could then gobble up or create all sorts of media outlets (like FOX News) and force them to represent only views they could tolerate, resulting in the First Amendment’s protection of freedom of the press becoming a non-issue. Even worse, conservatives made their own “echo chambers” on the internet like Breitbart.com, NewsMax, RedState and others that are just like the Soviet Union’s Pravda. Only a bogus ideology dedicated to corruption and violating human rights needs to do such things.

There is no such thing as the “regressive left”; that very concept is not valid and never can be. Just as there is no such thing as “liberal fascism”. Conservatives have been lying outright about their opponents for decades; we should no longer accept any of that.

3 thoughts on “Falsehoods about the “regressive left”

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  2. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheHorseshoeEffect

    Link above is the horshoe theory, but the TV Tropes article is better than the Wikipedia article on it.


    Wikipedia link on the term.

    Basically, it’s when people who aren’t left get silenced by crazy left wing activists. It’s because threats of violence and death threats both towards them and the venues hosting them to get them to get the venue to not host them or get them to drop out of the venue. I’m not saying the whole left is crazy, but crazies do exist anywhere on the spectrum.

    Criticism in itself is okay, if it stays as ciriticism, but when people cross the line into banning campaigns, threats of violence, death threats, terrorism, etc is when things have gone too far. Also, these things aren’t new tactics of the left. If you look up political assassinations by left wingers, they go back over a century or two.

    While no part of the political spectrum is monolithic, claiming that behavior or radical doing such above behavior is isolated only when done in the name of the left is false. Universities and other venues rescinding invitation because of “security concerns” is an example of trying to ban people as opposed to actually just siting down and talking logically and rationally why you disagree with their views. This doesn’t count false allegation as the reasons for the bans as name calling is part of this, which would be crititicism, if it didn’t cross the line to the other stuff.

    Real Life Example I can think of: A radical left wing group is pettitoing the Mid Atlantic Liberty Fest to ban Augustus Sol Invictus.


    His rebuttal is above in the IPR link contains his YouTube video. He is slated to debate Will Colley. Debates are where people argue politics and people see varying points of views compared and contrasted with each other. Banning people from debates or trying to get people to ban people is counter productive.

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