Putting Words in my Mouth.

As one who has been highly critical of the Baha’i Faith (and most other religions) for many years, I am usually more than happy to share my words with others for the sake of enlightenment and seeking the truth. So I was dismayed to discover today that a statement falsely attributed to me is being spread around by other critics of the Baha’i Faith.





The statement is:

“I got sick of seeing how women are conditioned to flirt with any possible potential convert around. For the Baha’i administration, most worthy of women values are their bodies – which are conditioned to attract new followers to Baha’i faith”.

Usually when I quote statements by others and they have been publicly made, I include a link leading back to the original statement so others can see that the object of my blog entry has been referred to accurately. As an Honorable Skeptic, I expect everyone to do no less. In each case above, this was not done.

Nowhere on my blog did I make the above statement and I do not remember making it anywhere else. Indeed, when I was a Baha’i, I do not recall seeing any women or girls flirting with potential converts to the Baha’i Faith.

Therefore, I am calling upon my fellow critics of the Baha’i Faith to retract the statement. If I did not make it, it is unethical to say that I did. We need to be better than our bigoted and dogmatic opponents, or we have no business opposing them.

3 thoughts on “Putting Words in my Mouth.

  1. Dear Dale,
    My apologies. I did not do that deliberately. It was a mistake. You are correct the words were not said by you. I will immediately correct it on my blog bahaism.blogspot.com – actually I had copied it from another blog.
    The words mentioned were published on your Vlog at youtube as a comment by the user named “taeril1” and I understand that you are not responsible for it. The comment is still there in the comment section beneath your video titled “A Big Lie of the Baha’i”. I will correctly attribute the sentence at my blog. For other’s I am not responsible.
    Thank you for bringing this to my notice. Apologies for trouble caused to you.
    God bless you.

    • Thank you. And for those who want to see the YouTube video referred to, here it is:

      Needless to say, I am a better writer than I am an actor. And I have not bothered to read many of comments below it, assuming that most of them would be from Haifan Baha’is spitting our their usual bullshyt.

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