Putting Words in my Mouth.

As one who has been highly critical of the Baha’i Faith (and most other religions) for many years, I am usually more than happy to share my words with others for the sake of enlightenment and seeking the truth. So I was dismayed to discover today that a statement falsely attributed to me is being spread around by other critics of the Baha’i Faith.





The statement is:

“I got sick of seeing how women are conditioned to flirt with any possible potential convert around. For the Baha’i administration, most worthy of women values are their bodies – which are conditioned to attract new followers to Baha’i faith”.

Usually when I quote statements by others and they have been publicly made, I include a link leading back to the original statement so others can see that the object of my blog entry has been referred to accurately. As an Honorable Skeptic, I expect everyone to do no less. In each case above, this was not done.

Nowhere on my blog did I make the above statement and I do not remember making it anywhere else. Indeed, when I was a Baha’i, I do not recall seeing any women or girls flirting with potential converts to the Baha’i Faith.

Therefore, I am calling upon my fellow critics of the Baha’i Faith to retract the statement. If I did not make it, it is unethical to say that I did. We need to be better than our bigoted and dogmatic opponents, or we have no business opposing them.

4 thoughts on “Putting Words in my Mouth.

  1. Dear Dale,
    My apologies. I did not do that deliberately. It was a mistake. You are correct the words were not said by you. I will immediately correct it on my blog bahaism.blogspot.com – actually I had copied it from another blog.
    The words mentioned were published on your Vlog at youtube as a comment by the user named “taeril1” and I understand that you are not responsible for it. The comment is still there in the comment section beneath your video titled “A Big Lie of the Baha’i”. I will correctly attribute the sentence at my blog. For other’s I am not responsible.
    Thank you for bringing this to my notice. Apologies for trouble caused to you.
    God bless you.

    • Thank you. And for those who want to see the YouTube video referred to, here it is:

      Needless to say, I am a better writer than I am an actor. And I have not bothered to read many of comments below it, assuming that most of them would be from Haifan Baha’is spitting our their usual bullshyt.

    • And I finally found the original comment by that user. Here it is:

      Bahai administration is in its infancy? Religion is older already than 150 years. If you mean its in its infancy because christianity or Islam are older than 1000 years, consider that when those religions were formed there was no print, transportation was no where near to todays standard, and now in days of Internet, your little religion has oportunities to grow that no other religion ever had before. Yet you are little and will stay little, no entry in troops for you guys.

      Your apologies how your religion is in its infancy goes just to show that Bahai religion is backward, same as your treating of women is backwards, for Bahai administration the most worthy of women values is their body which they are conditioned to attract new folowera in Bahai faith. And reason they are not allowed into governing positions of faith is that they could change their status, they could actualy be empowered to realize how sexist Bahai treatment of women realy is.

      But this is gold, “it is completely possible if not probable that in the future there will be offices at the highest levels that only women can sit in”

      It just shows how brainwashed you guys are, what you are writing about is caled segregation, it equals blacks segregation in USA back in the day.

      One more gold from you “equal does not mean the same and the goal is unity in diversity”

      Well let me tell you what equal means, equal means equal in front of the law, equal means having same oportunities, but neither of those does women have in the Bahai faith. Offten, when women are sexualy assaulted by male Bahais, after they turn for help to administration, they are silenced down, if they procede to report crime, they are treated as crazy, being rejected and expeled from community. With those who comited crime, being positevly reinforced to comit similar crimes again.

      Spent time in Bahai community and got sick of seing how women were conditioned to flirt with any posible potential convert around.}}}

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