Lizzy the Lezzy issues

Several years ago, I discovered a YouTube channel featuring a cartoon character named “Lizzy the Lezzy” which seemed to be dealing with lesbian issues in a humorous manner.

For those unfamiliar with this character, here is the very first video listed on that channel.

Later, the creator of Lizzy introduced a second character named Gary the Gay, to make the channel more inclusive of male homosexuals… least that was my assumption at the time:

As far as I could tell, only those two characters were ever featured in the videos, with one exception, a depiction of a real person who is a transgender:

So Lizzy became even more inclusive. She also addressed bisexuality in this video:

Here is her official website:

And this is her page on Facebook:

She even has an entry on Wikipedia:

But recently there came to be a problem with Lizzy’s creator. She started to create additional Facebook pages featuring more personas she had created:

Including this one:

Which is described as this:

I’m a polyamorous, polysexual, non-practicing Muslim. I’m also a total stoner and now I’ve forgotten what I was going to say…

WHAT?! How does this help anyone who is of Muslim background struggling with sexuality issues?  It looks insulting to me!

Others soon began to notice and react against that page:


Also on the Bella the Bi page:

Bella the Bi

The descriptions of the various personas can be found here:

Hi lovers! I’m a gay artist and a massive film & TV buff. I like to keep my body buff too so I spend a lot of time at the gym even though I usually spend more time working the room than I do working out haha. I am a pacifist and anti-gun. I love to travel and I am Lizzy’s BFF!

Is this of an actual gay male? If not, why take on a persona you cannot actually be?

Hi I’m Peter the Pan. I used to be a computer programmer/hacker but it made me paranoid, anxious and depressed, so I am now a chef! I am obsessed with conspiracy theories and love reading about the crazy shit that goes on in the world. I’m also an avid gamer (GTA V baby!) I am Bella the Bisexual‘s twin – we were brought up Christian but now I am a staunch atheist!

I am not amused. Being a pansexual does not mean you are a gamer, nor a chef, nor a conspiracy theorist. This certainly explains nothing about what a pansexual is.

I’m a proud bisexual and animal rights activist. I try to stay fit and healthy and I live for my yoga lessons. I read my horoscope daily and believe in some sort of higher energy. Peter the Pansexual is my twin brother and I love him to bits! I am pro-choice and I am also a vegan – MEAT IS MURDER! Also, I may or may not have a little crush on Lizzy.

Again, not all bisexuals are vegans, believe in astrology, or practice yoga. If these are not indeed of real people, then this is dishonesty, not just fiction for entertainment.

For those who think people objecting to these personas misrepresenting them are being too sensitive, think again. Having been through a divorce, I found this video by Lizzy about returning to one’s ex-lover for casual sex to be highly insulting:

No it is not OK to debase yourself like that. It actually makes lesbians look bad too.

For the record, I am a straight white cis-male that is American, agnostic, Unitarian Universalist and liberal on politics and  I would never pretend to be anything else. Even my Honorable Skeptic persona I have used for a decade on the internet represents my real self, just with a different name. I do not pretend to be an Honorable Skeptic, I AM ONE!

A friend of mine on Facebook named Autumn said this about the whole matter:

Its appropriating the identities, its being a terrible ally (shes not an ally), its perpetuating horrid terrible stereotypes….Instead of using her privilege as a cis white woman to share the narratives, writings, blogs, vlogs, work of actual trans, bi, pan, gay, black, muslim people she created these over exaggerated characters and called it representation. She should’ve used her platform to share works of marginalized people. that’s what actual allies do

And so I will end with that.


3 thoughts on “Lizzy the Lezzy issues

    • “Cis” means the person was assigned a specific gender at birth (“It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl.”) and that person still considers him or herself that same gender. A TRANSgendered person is one who considers him or herself to be the OPPOSITE gender; even if the BODY is still that of a male, for example, the person’s MIND is still programmed to think she is female. Or vice versa. A gay or lesbian person is sexually attracted to someone of the same sex, but that is not the same as ones gender identity.

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