False charge of hypocrisy against Michael Moore

Business Insider has an article trashing filmmaker Micheal Moore. For being RICH.


Divorce Filings Reveal Liberal Icon Michael Moore Has 9 Properties, Millions Of Dollars, And Is Far From An ‘Everyman’

  • Jul. 24, 2014, 3:31 PM

Filmmaker Michael Moore is again being scrutinized over his lavish properties and material wealth.

The one-percenter who’s known for defending the disadvantaged went through a bitter divorce battle in which he and his now-ex-wife fought over their shared wealth.

His neighbors in Michigan are even getting in on the drama. Some of them have implied to The Detroit News that Moore is a hypocrite.

Moore is worth millions of dollars and owns nine properties, the most contentious of which is a 10,000-square-foot mansion on Torch Lake in Michigan. He found success with his documentaries “Bowling for Columbine,” “Roger & Me,” “Fahrenheit 9/11,” and “Capitalism: A Love Story.”

In the divorce filings posted online by The Smoking Gun, Moore seems aware of the impression this lavish property might give off. He says his ex-wife, Kathy Glynn, was the one who pushed for the expansion. The couple were married for 22 years.

Here’s how The Detroit News describes the $2 million property, which it calls “big even by the standards of northern Michigan’s toniest precincts”:

The sprawling home, along the clear, turquoise waters of Torch Lake, boasts turrets, bay windows, and hand-cut timber framing, said one of the builders. It looks like two large houses joined at the hip, bordered by a third house.

This lavish display of wealth hasn’t been lost on the couple’s neighbors. “He is not a common man. No way,” one neighbor told The Detroit News.

But in the divorce proceedings, Moore seemed to take issue with how his money was spent. He said in one document that he took over the management of the couple’s funds after Glynn’s spending led to “serious financial losses.”

Moore seems aware of how this all might be perceived. In one divorce document, he cites news articles with headlines like “Mansion Begs The Question: Is Michael Moore A Hypocrite?” and “Michael Moore’s $2M Hypocrite House: Film Director Lives Like The 1% He Condemns.”

I really hate when others condemn liberals for being rich. Why? Because it is based on the misconception that liberals in general want no one to be rich, which is an outright lie. One of our most liberal Presidents, Franklin Delanor Roosevelt, came from a rich family. But what made him a liberal was that his policies were helpful to all Americans, rich and poor alike, in contrast to most Conservatives who care only about those who are privledged in society, including the rich, the white people, those of Christian background, men, heterosexuals, or those who are all of the above.

Calling Michael Moore a hypocrite is a smear campaign. He never said there was anything wrong with being rich, did he?  He never tried to hide that he was rich, DID HE? So that article above is pointless.

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