Economic Abuse of a Little Girl

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Cupcake Business Run By 11-Year-Old Shuttered By Illinois Health Officials


The cupcake empire Chloe Stirling built out of her home kitchen has come crumbling down after Illinois health officials said the sixth-grader wasn’t in compliance with local laws.

Chloe, 11, said she was told by health officials in Madison County, Ill., that if she wants to continue selling cupcakes she will need to buy a bakery or build a separate kitchen.

“It bummed me out because I wanted to keep baking,” Chloe told “I had a bunch of orders and they said I had to cancel them all.”

Stirling, who is in sixth grade, has operated “Hey Cupcake” out of her family’s kitchen in Troy, Ill., for the past two years. And it appears her success may have invited the scrutiny of regulators.

The cupcake mogul said she’s raked in some serious dough for a kid her age, charging $10 for a dozen cupcakes and $2 each for the more elaborate treats, such as cakes that look like high heel shoes.

“It felt good because with all my money I could buy stuff I wanted and didn’t have to wait until my birthday or Christmas,” Chloe said, adding that she was also saving money for a car.

Her mother, Heather Stirling, told she’s meeting with officials from the health department and the state attorney next week in hopes of finding a way to help Chloe re-open Hey Cupcake.

“This is her niche. You have kids who are good at baseball and soccer and this is what they pursue,” Stirling said. “Chloe is one of a kind. No one else does this at her age. There are a lot of hoops we’re going to have to jump through.”

Toni Corona, a spokeswoman for the Madison County Department of Health, told in a statement that the laws are “applied uniformly and without discrimination.”

She said the department “applauds the entrepreneurial spirit” of Chloe and “joins with her many fans in hoping she will find a location for her cupcake enterprise that complies with state laws.”

Do you see something missing in this article?  How about any evidence that anyone was sickened by any of the products produced by this girl’s baking business?

Shutting down her business for failing to comply with state health regulations even with no complaint from customers about her products serves one purpose:  Eliminating competition with the corporations that dominate our economy and both force people to work for them instead of working for themselves and force them to buy their products instead of creating their own. This is bullying of the worst sort and it goes against our legal standard of “innocent until proven guilty”. The State of Illinois and the officials of Madison County should be ashamed of themselves!

One thought on “Economic Abuse of a Little Girl

  1. An update of this story:

    {{{12-Year-Old Girl Can Sell Cupcakes Again After New Law Passes

    Jun 4, 2014

    A great update this morning to a story we first heard about earlier this year on The Kelly File. A 12-year-old girl named Chloe Stirling was selling cupcakes for $2 each and she was doing so well that a local paper in Illinois decided to do a story on her.

    That caused the health department to take notice, and she was forced to stop selling cupcakes because she did not have a business license or a state-certified kitchen.

    Now, state lawmakers have passed the “Cupcake Bill,” which will allow Chloe to once again sell the cupcakes that she bakes in her home kitchen.

    “I feel happy that it passed because now I get to bake again,” said Chloe, who started baking after taking a class at a local Michael’s store.

    Her mom, Heather Stirling, told Elisabeth Hasselbeck that when the bill was first proposed she thought it was “reaching for the moon.”

    But apparently lawmakers agreed that the enforcement of the state ban on selling home-baked good was being taken too far.

    Watch her appearance on Fox and Friends above, and check out Chloe’s Facebook page too!

    Read more on the bill’s passage below, via the Belleville News-Democrat:

    [[The Madison County Health Department’s shut-down of Chloe’s cupcake-making enterprise spurred Meier to file the bill. Chloe wasn’t at the Capitol on Thursday, but Meier said she’s happy with the revised bill.

    Madison County State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons said the amended bill seems to be a good compromise that takes into account public safety and individual freedom. He said he would encourage the Madison County Board to adopt the type of ordinance that is required in the bill.

    “I’m totally in favor of that. In fact, I’ll help write the ordinance,” Gibbons said. “This looks pretty reasonable, pretty workable.”

    The bill states that in order to qualify as a “home kitchen operation,” monthly gross sales cannot exceed $1,000, the food cannot be potentially hazardous, and the operator must provide notice to the purchaser that the food was produced in a home kitchen.

    Meier says many churches and other charitable organizations have dinners as fundraisers, where individual members of the organization each bring baked items. For example, he said, a church might sell chicken dinners, with each dinner including a slice of home-baked pie or cake. Meier said he’s OK with the church’s kitchen having to meet health regulations, but it’s going too far to impose health regulations on every home kitchen where a pie is baked.

    Chloe’s cupcake operation was featured in the BND Magazine in January. Madison County health officials have said they shut Chloe down after receiving a complaint from an adult who was denied permission to sell products baked at home.

    The House passed the bill 106-0.]] }}}

    Now THAT is justice!

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