Random thoughts about the George Zimmerman/Treyvon Martin case

1. Since both the victim and the defendant in the case were male, why was there an all female jury? How is that different from an all-white jury judging a black person having killed another black person?

2. It does not matter who attacked whom first, the fact remains that Treyvon Martin was unarmed and George Zimmerman had a gun, giving him an overwhelming advantage. The fact that Martin was shot in the heart shows that Zimmerman meant to kill him, rather than merely disable him to stop the fight. He should have been convicted of manslaughter, at least.

3. “Stand your ground” laws might as well be called “permission to use violence as a first option rather than a last resort”. What do we call societies in which that is commonly accepted? Barbaric anarchies, which America should be anything but!

4. The jury probably did not want to convict Zimmerman of anything because doing so would have been a virtual death sentence for him. He’d go to a prison, and prisons across the USA are known to have a disproportionate number of African-American men, most of whom would be more than happy to kill Zimmerman. A possible solution would have been to sentence Zimmerman to house arrest for many years instead of prison. Indeed, why not sentence most convicted felons to house arrest instead of prison?

5. Neighborhood watch groups are supposed to call the police and alert them to possible crimes being committed as they occur, not take the law into their own hands like Zimmerman clearly did!

6. I was just as outraged when O. J. Simpson was found not guilty of those murder charges he faced. It makes NO difference to me whether a person of any race gets off after killing a person of any race.

7. Treyvon Martin’s family could still sue Zimmerman for wrongful death of the victim. Unlike criminal trials where the prosecution is expected to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt, civil court cases are decided based on how much the evidence is weighed on each side. By that standard, Zimmerman should lose badly, just as O J Simpson did.

3 thoughts on “Random thoughts about the George Zimmerman/Treyvon Martin case

  1. I want Zimmerman to be sent to Darfur! He is a wanna be cop well, cops get beaten but they do not shoot!! Only one person had a gun and that was Zimmerkill! He is a racist wanna be who had mental problems and wasn’t excepted into the force and even NOW his actions have outraged America!! Stop hiding behind the NRA and go fight in a real war called Darfur!! This injustice is only going to create an Echo of actions and the Echo is not a good one. This will cause more hate, more racism, more violence, more war and more distance between races. We are ALL literally related! Nothing good comes from racism. Racism is not only dysfunctional and ignorant but a pure a denial of reality. It’s almost I would say demonic or evil. We are ALL brothers and Sisters! We need to come together and work together as one!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGK84Poeynk

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