The law is closing in on David Mabus!

David Mabus aka Dennis Markuze, is a Canadian lunatic who for years has been attacking atheists and scientists in every public forum he could reach, and getting banned for it. His first target was James Randi and he has expanded his list of targets over the years to anyone who appears to reject theism. He even attacked me on my blog a couple of times. He is able to get around the banning by morphing his screen name and using internet cafes. His messages, which often include death threats, are always rambling and totally disjointed screeds that a twelve-year old in his mother’s basement might send, if the kid had no sense of shame.

And now it looks like he is about to get busted!

This bastard needs to be jailed for life! Sign this petition to help put him away!

4 thoughts on “The law is closing in on David Mabus!

  1. While I agree that Mabus must be investigated and possibly jailed for his violent and vile repeated threats, I feel very strongly that he needs to get psychological help. You said yourself that his rants are disjointed. I would add they are also fairly nonsensical. If he is found to be sound of mind, THEN string him up by his toenails. In the mean time, get him a psych evaluation and get him help.

  2. P Z Myers says the following about David Mabus:

    Every morning when I get up and get on the computer, the first thing I do is delete the pile of spam from Dennis Markuze, each of which is usually cross-posted to 50 to 100 other people. Every time I fire up Twitter, the first thing I do is clear the garbage Dennis Markuze has left there; yesterday I blocked and reported spam from over 25 Markuze accounts, amounting to several hundred messages.

    Gee, I’m envious! Markuze or Mabus only sent me two hateful messages so far. I guess I’m not being big and loud enough. 😦

    I have reported him to the police. I have seen these complaints climb the ladder from the local department, to the FBI, to the RCMP, to the Montreal City Police, where they promptly fizzle out. The police don’t care. The word I’ve gotten back is that they aren’t going to do a thing until he snaps and starts killing people. A little late, don’t you think?

    I’ll tell you why, P Z. It’s because you and most of Mabus’ targets are ATHEISTS! There is still a contemptible tendency among institutions in religious dominated societies to not deal with attacks on atheists as much as attacks on religious people. It’s the perception that atheists “deserve” to be attacked because they are immoral.

    Which is exactly why atheists must keep fighting for their rights and continue to debunk the bogus myths about them!

  3. Finally!!!

    Montreal police make arrest in “Mabus” case on online death threats

    Updated: Wed Aug. 17 2011 4:09:35 PM

    Montreal police announced an arrest has been made in the so-called “Mabus” case of a man making death threats online.

    The police have been inundated with complaints from around the world regarding the man, and made a public plea last week for people to stop sending complaints because an investigation is underway.

    The threats often come from someone using the pseudonym “David Mabus,” but he is widely believed to be Dennis Markuze, 36, a St-Laurent man. He also uses the screen name Hebert Marxuxe.

    Police did not announce who they arrested and said no further details would be provided as the investigation is ongoing.

    Complainants say that he creates accounts on Twitter or on message boards then starts insulting, harassing, and threatening atheists, scientists, and journalists with profanity-laden messages telling people that they will be executed and subjected to the judgement of God.

    In October 2010, Markuze showed up at the Atheist Alliance International conference in Montreal, where he was recognized and challenged by attendees before he left.

    Someone identifying himself as Markuze then went online to the Humanist Canada website and wrote: “believe me, the only reason the photo is available is because I WANTED IT OUT THERE…. actually it is quite a flattering photo of me: With finger cocked and pointing, I say “And I gotta take out these idiots!”

    Last week, nearly 5,000 people signed a petition calling on police to investigate reports of death threats. Each signature resulted in an email to police.

    Kyle VanderBeek, a San Francisco man who started the petition, says the threats are disconcerting and he wanted to act now instead of waiting for things to escalate.

    VanderBeek says while testy exchanges are common online, alleged threats of decapitations, executions and genocide are not.

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