Dr. Georgia Purdom, hypocrite

This is a bio of Answers in Genesis “scientist”  Georgia Purdom.


Quotes from it will be in red and my responses will be in green.

Dr. Georgia Purdom is a compelling and dynamic lecturer and well qualified to speak on the relevance of Genesis to the issue of biblical authority.

So she has the gift of gab. You need that to be a successful preacher, but that has nothing to do with being an effective scientist.

She is the only female Ph.D. scientist engaged in full-time speaking and research for a biblical creationist organization in North America.

This actually violates Biblical teachings!  1 Timothy 2:12 – “I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.”

Dr. Purdom states, “A proper understanding of Genesis is very important because it is foundational to biblical authority and a Christian worldview. It’s about so much more than the creation/evolution controversy. It’s about the truthfulness and authority of God’s Word.”

Sure, as long as you ignore that verse from 1 Timothy. Or maybe she thinks it is not God’s Word? After all, it IS in the Bible. So can she, her boss Ken Ham, or other Creationist advocates specify what parts of the Bible are the Word of God and what are not?

22 thoughts on “Dr. Georgia Purdom, hypocrite

  1. Want more about her?


    Dr. Purdom’s general presentations:
    ■Is Genesis Relevant in Today’s World?
    ■Only One Race: The Biblical Answer to Racism
    ■Biblical Authority and the Six Days of Creation
    ■The Power of Creation Evangelism
    ■Why Is There So Much Pain and Suffering in the World?
    ■Wonder of the Cell
    ■The Code of Life: DNA, Information, and Mutation
    ■My Plans, God’s Detours (personal testimony)

    Dr. Purdom’s in-depth presentations:
    ■The Intelligent Design Movement: How Intelligent Is It?
    ■Genetics, Evolution, and Creation: Most Asked Questions
    ■All Creatures Great and Small: Microbes and Creation

    Dr. Purdom’s presentations for women audiences:
    ■Biblical Womanhood: Reclaiming Genesis as the Foundation
    ■Are Your Kids Already Gone? Parenting to Build a Faith Your Kids Will Keep
    ■Separate But Equal: Building a One Flesh Marriage
    ■Hope Amid Despair: The Legacy of Eve
    ■What’s the Big Deal? Why God’s Word Matters From the Very Beginning
    ■Fighting Truth Decay: Bringing the Bible to Life
    ■Why? Answering Life’s Toughest Questions About God and Suffering
    ■The Biblical Answer to Racism Meets Motherhood
    ■My Plans, God’s Detours (personal testimony)

    If she was obedient to the Bible, the “presentations for women audiences” would be the only ones she’d ever give! NO MEN ALLOWED!

    Also, I am a hyperactive commenter at the Panda’s Thumb blog, which is dedicated to defending evolution as a scientific theory against attempts by Creationists to attack it. And Purdom has noticed me!


    {{{Last week I wrote a blog about the John Freshwater case, and in closing, included the following statement:

    I teach Sunday school for first through third grade, and over the next few weeks we’ll be discussing dinosaurs, radiometric dating methods, natural selection, and mutations. I teach them that what they learn in public school in regard to historical science concerning these ideas is not the truth.

    Well, Dr. Richard Hoppe, a former professor at Kenyon College (near Mount Vernon, where the Freshwater case took place), posted a blog regarding my statement on the well-known atheist blog Panda’s Thumb. He writes:

    [[That’s child abuse of a very high order, worse even than Freshwater’s because the children are so much younger.]]

    So I’m practicing child abuse by teaching children the truth of God’s Word in church! This is a very serious charge that we are hearing more and more when it comes to teaching children about biblical authority and its application to historical science. I’m sure many people who have truly suffered abuse as children would beg to differ with his definition (and at least one person did in the comments section).

    The comments in response to his post were numerous, and I thought I would just share a few so you could get just a glimpse of the kind of attacks many of us will face when we take a stand on the truth of God’s Word.

    [[Dale Husband

    I don’t think I’d call it child abuse, but I do feel that teaching fraud and bigotry to children, especially by a professional con artist who happens to have a Ph.D, is a scandal of Biblical proportions. Pun intended.

    Dr. Purdom is a fraud and/or an idiot, and her Ph.D isn’t worth spit.]]}}}

    Yes, that was me and I meant every word. And I’m flattered that she printed my comment first. I’d like as many people as possible to see it too!

    And she lied when she called Panda’s Thumb an “atheist blog”. Yes, atheists do gather there to advocate for their beliefs (something I strongly oppose, since it enables Creationists like Purdom to make such bogus claims and make them look credible to the ignorant), but I also have advocated several times for Unitarian Universalism there too, and the moderators there don’t object. Indeed, one of them, Wesley R. Elsberry, is not only not an atheist, he is a member of the UNITED METHODIST CHURCH!



      • Liars and hypocrites always ruffle my feathers. As well as those like you who refuse to take such issues seriously. You enable their bullshit.

        • Nah, I go based on logic and try to skip the scientific flaws used in the theory of evolution. If this were any other “science” it would have been laughed out because of their sheer lack of empirical proof and just inference and conjecture. Thanks for the laugh BTW.

          (Dale Husband: Scientific flaws? Lack of empirical proof? Just inference and conjecture? None of those assertions are true. Anyone can claim outright lies in public, but in science you have to back up everything. Creationists never do. They never explain anything about life that evolution always has.)

          • Can creationism explain the entire fossil record? The sequences of DNA in various organisms? The distribution of animals and plants around the world? The suboptimal structures of all sorts of organisms? You have to be an idiot designer to make the retinas of ALL vertebrates wired backwards, for example, thus allowing for a “blind spot” where the optic nerve starts at the back of the eye. A retina wired forwards, like that of cephalopods, has no such blind spot. Only your prejudice makes you think there was ever anything wrong with the theory of evolution. You need to grow up and stop believing lies no matter how comforting they may be.

  2. Georgia Purdom… What can I say?

    Back in the old days when I USED to be a Creationist, I saw the interview that Michael Shermer had with her. When he asked her about “shared genetic mistakes” we share with other apes, she said that we cannot question God’s plan.

    Even I, at the time, was not satisfied with her answer. In fact, I saw common mistakes as potentially damaging to Creationism which is why I wanted more of an answer.

    • In other words, Purdom committed blasphemy by claiming that the evidence for evolution is actually God’s will, yet we should still take the Bible literally as the Word of God. So God lied to us either way you slice it.

      Is this what you saw?

      • I know this sounds harsh, but I think this woman and others who do what she is doing should have their PhDs revoked. Grounds: Academic sabotage.

        • These comments are so hurtful. I earned my B.S. in Genetics from OSU and do not deserve to have my degree revoked just because I believe in God. How narrow minded are you people.
          I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned!

          (Dale Husband: Your entire comment above is loaded with hypocrisy. No one is saying you should be denied your scientific credentials for being a theist. That’s a strawman. What you and Ken Ham are guilty of is using a bigoted, absurd, and harmful version of Christianity to brainwash people with countless outright lies about the Bible, science, and how truth can be discovered and understood. Answers in Genesis, like the Institute for Creation Research before it, is a massive scam. There is nothing narrow minded about insisting that scientists actually follow the scientific method. And if your last sentence had any meaning……….you wouldn’t be a Creationist and Christian bigot at all!)

  3. How come I can’t find anything online concerning this woman’s level of education or the body of her work before joining Answers in Genesis? I’m not inclined to believe what’s written on AiG’s website concerning her background but that seems to be the only website with this information. Most scientists are involved in the writing of dozens of articles published in a variety of peer-review magazines, they also leave a paper trail from the colleges and universities they attended to achieve their education and the various organizations or institutions they were employed at thereafter. Hell, most scientists at least have a Wikipedia page.

    • Obviously she is a fraud, like most of those involved in Creationist organizations. Why do you think I put “scientist” in quotation marks in the original blog entry above? I never took her, or Ken Ham, or Henry M. Morris, or Duane Gish seriously after I left Christianity, ironically because of liars like them!

  4. I came across this site and, although ridiculed by several here, I was very impressed with Purdom’s honest answers to Shermer! Everyone has God given choice to believe what they want but I personally believe there is ample evidence for belief in the Creator God; and it would take more faith on my part to believe evolutionist viewpoint. About 27 years ago I met Dr. Robert Gentry who told his story about discovering published evidence of polonium halos in granite — see http://www.halos.com/ — and lost his job as a result. Scientists whose whole lives and degrees are bound to evolutionary theory do not want to acknowledge such evidence as it would negate their own cherished belief and positions. What Purdom stated is true that there are lots of holes in the theory of evolution–seems like taught as fact now in schools–but it is still just a theory.

    (Dale Husband: Your comment is so blatantly false and stupid that I will approve it…..and create a new blog entry later to totally debunk it from start to finish!)

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  6. It seems that Answers in Genesis has completely rewrote that bio page of Georgia Purdom.


    {{{Dr. Georgia Purdom received her PhD in molecular genetics from Ohio State University. Her professional accomplishments include the winning of a variety of honors, research presentations at national conferences, and the completion of six years of teaching at Mt. Vernon Nazarene University (Ohio), where she served as a professor of biology. View resources by Dr. Georgia Purdom.}}}

    {{{Dr. Purdom holds a PhD in molecular genetics from The Ohio State University. Her specialty is cellular and molecular biology. Dr. Purdom’s graduate work focused on genetic regulation of factors important for bone remodeling.

    She has published papers in the Journal of Neuroscience, the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, and the Journal of Leukocyte Biology. She is a member of the Creation Research Society and Creation Biology Society. Dr. Purdom served as a professor of biology for six years at Mount Vernon Nazarene University in Ohio before coming to AiG.

    Dr. Purdom serves as a peer reviewer for Answers Research Journal and Creation Research Science Quarterly. Dr. Purdom, along with Dr. Joseph Francis of The Master’s College, are co-founders of the Microbe Forum. This forum sponsored research, collaboration, and conferences in the field of creation microbiology.

    Dr. Purdom’s scientific research focuses on the roles of natural selection and mutation in microbial populations. She seeks to understand the original, created, “very good” roles of bacteria in the pre-Fall world and genetic mechanisms that have led to their adaptations and pathogenicity in a post-Fall world. She has presented her research in this field at two Microbe Forum conferences and the 2008 International Conference on Creationism. Dr. Purdom also has published papers on this topic in the 2008 Proceedings of the International Conference on Creationism and Answers Research Journal. In addition, she has numerous lay-friendly and semi-technical articles in Answers magazine and on the AiG website.

    Dr. Purdom’s expertise in natural selection was crucial in her design of the “Natural Selection Is Not Evolution” exhibit at the Creation Museum. She also has research interests in speciation of animals after Noah’s Flood and design features in DNA.

    As a former biology professor, Dr. Purdom has the experience necessary to make scientific concepts understandable to a wide variety of people. She has both general and in-depth presentations and is a regular speaker in the Creation Museum Speaker Series. In addition, she has spoken at many AiG conferences.

    Dr. Purdom also has a passion to help women understand the importance of Genesis and is an excellent choice to speak to women’s groups. As a wife and mother, she has a vested interest in understanding what Genesis has to say to women. The annual Answers for Women conference in April offers a wide variety of speakers on topics relevant to women and is one of the largest conferences hosted by AiG.}}}

    Note: Rewording bullshit does not make it more credible. Creationism is a lie. Biblical dogmatism is a lie. Dr. Purdom is still a fraud, period.

    • “I don’t need to prove God exists to you, because you already know he does. Someday, you will be in a very dark place, and in that quiet, lonely, scary place, you know there is a God and you know you will face him. Your body can’t deny it. So, I don’t need to prove God exists because he has already told you he does. You can try to ignore it, but someday that dark place is coming.” – Luis Palau’s comment to an atheist.

  7. Dale, May I suggest you have a few books to read. “Forensic Faith” by J. Warner Wallace who was an atheistic , police investigator and became a Christian through his research. You may have already read “The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel who was an Atheist and investigative reporter who became a Christian. Lee later wrote a book in the form that an investigative reporter would write called “The Case for a Creator”. Be that as it may the one factor you are leaving out is God Himself. I have found as they found that God rewards the seeker. As for Creation, if there were no persons raised from the dead which has happened in the last 50 year then you could maybe say evolution is true. You may want to contact CBN and investigate several stories of resurrections. One you might find most interesting is “Raised From the Dead” a DVD you can call Christ For All Nations about a pastor who died in a car accident, was embalmed and had been dead for several days. His wife claimed the Scripture, Hebrews 11, I believe it was verse 35 about women receiving their dead back to life. Never the less it documents the funeral director who confirms the pastor had been embalmed and at a Reinhardt Bonnke evangelistic service because of the power and presence of the Lord at the service the pastor was resurrected from the dead. Another book about what I call an awakening and not a revival is “Like a Mighty Wind” by Mel Tari which had a story about another resurrection where the flesh had deteriorated yet the man was resurrected but that was not the main thrust of the story. Another book by a resurrected man is “My Time In Heaven” by Richard Sigmund who was dead for several hours. “Within the Gates”, by Rebecca Springer who was resurrected from the dead. To show that there is a Hell, Bill Weiss has 2 books one of which is his experience in Hell called “23 Minutes in Hell”. Though you may think you are above believing in such things, intellect and intelligence cannot overcome the thousands who have received impossible physical healings. So the specific to the general of Creation versus evolution becomes a footnote clearly if many of these people’s stories are true, how difficult would it be for a Creator to supersede the laws of thermodynamics and entropy considering the fact that evolution could not occur because of those laws anyway.
    My point is I was a Presbyterian who was going down the road of depression and falling away when I met a man who had the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. The real and tangible, at least for me at that moment, of the peace of God literally flowed off of him onto me and I had to have that dimension of the Christian walk for myself. Having then began experiencing His presence(the Holy Spirit) for myself and as it says in Isaiah 30’21”, ” you will hear a voice behind saying this is they way, walk you in it” and have the experience of seeing people healed whom I had laid hands on and by voice being led to where I would need to go by a voice of the Holy Spirit, I would not put it passed God to be able to speak the worlds into existence. Logic can go just so far but God can take a man the rest of the way. A book that best describes the experience of what the Holy Spirit can do is “How to Live Like a King’s Kid” which I found very entertaining and yet shows how the Holy Spirit works in the lives of those who have the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. He is a person, God promised Him in all 4 gospels as John the Baptist wrote that Jesus would Baptize us in the Holy Spirit and describes that baptism in the book of Acts with the promise from Jesus that the Holy Spirit would be with us for eternity. The Resurrection of the dead is real and if it is so is God as Creator.

    (Dale Husband: Having been a Christian long before I started this blog, in my early 20s I was able to cut through all the cultural and political biases that actually motivate Christian apologist literature to realize the truth: That kind of literature actually is more about preventing Christians from leaving the faith rather than converting non-Christians. Indeed, I have never actually heard of anyone converting to Christianity from atheism who did it from logic and empirical evidence; there is always some kind of emotional manipulation involved [see the Star Wars movies Return of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith for examples of this]. And I do not discriminate when it comes to that kind of dishonesty. Even scientists can let themselves be deceived by such chicanery.
    Lynn Margulis’ statement in that blog entry is interesting because it is missing something important: there is NO indication of any actual research that she herself did in AIDS. Instead, she merely took at face value the claims written in books by others that she already trusted, which is what people of FAITH do, not people who are consistently scientific. That is why her AIDS denialism was ultimately worthless….and so are all your claims, Mr. Wilson. Your effort to wrote such a looooooooong comment without even addressing the actual point of the blog entry itself [Georgia Purdom contradicting the Bible while promoting it] was ultimately pointless.)

  8. Dr. Georgia Purdom knows she is lying about true science, even while she talks about science in relation to her biblical belief. Lying in the name of God, I suppose. Oh well, she is either a con artist, or spent a life simply hoping to connect to something, anything, and she found it with creationism. Good for her. Yet, it should be said that whatever indoctrination she has suffered in the past does NOT allow her to forward that similar experience into the young lives she is most likely influencing at the present. So it goes.

    • I’m sorry to edit my own comment. I meant to say, “Yet, it should be said that whatever indoctrination she has suffered in the past “DOES NOT ALLOW” her to forward that similar experience into the young lives she is most likely influencing at the present. I apologize for not reviewing myself before posting my comment.

      (Dale Husband: Thanks for the notice. The original comment has been edited according to your directive.)

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