Another blow against atheist bigotry

A YouTube non-theist and feminist known as ScouseCaspaXS decided to investigate Islam.

That drew severe criticism from those who bitterly oppose Islam. Here’s a sample of the debate:

Scouse, just because you have a crush on Ali, doesn’t make Islam anything other than a deluded doctrine that shouldn’t be given credence.

Dawah’s a nice, articulate guy, but he still believes in a lot of mental stuff that defies reason & logic. He still believes in a supernatural sky daddy that sees all & judges everybody.

NO religion is merit-worthy & no amount of affable believers will change that!

Yes I am learning about Islam because I want to FUCK him, can’t be because I want to learn, right? Just how much of an idiot do you think I am? Seriously go FUCK yourself.

@ScouseCaspaXS Well that was an extreme response to a reasonable comment. I suppose when people point out sub-conscious motives or idiotic subject matter, aggression is the natural reaction. Shame as I thought better of you.

Reasonable? You insinuated I am learning about Islam because I have a crush on Ali, as if you somehow know what I think and feel? which part of that deserved respect?

Don’t tell me why I do anything me because you don’t have a god-damn clue.

@ScouseCaspaXS Hey, I called it as I saw it. I’m entitled to my opinion Scouse as you & everyone else is. When you put yourself out into the public forum you have to be able to deal with people’s baseless opinions. That is the nature of the internet!

When you start spouting rhetoric from dogmatic religious books you also invite comment from people who take issue with the bullshit.

There are enough preachers on YouTube. You don’t need to become another!

“When you put yourself out into the public forum you have to be able to deal with people’s baseless opinions. That is the nature of the internet!”

And when you make idiotic statements of your own, you get slammed too.

@No1Chapski Your comment isn’t reasonable. Also, you’re playing the role of an “all-wise, all-insightful mind-reading psychologist” only goes to show how unreasonable your thinking may be. The fact that you can’t consider you are mistaken in your insinuations, or at least state so, but rather try (and fail miserably) to shame the person who calls you out also shows how shameful *your* conduct to be in this too.

Nice way to come across, moron! I wonder how you’d feel if someone said simular $#it about people wanting to learn about atheism.

The attacks got so rediculous that ScouseCaspaXS made a second video addressing that matter.

I commented there too:

There are fanatics and bigots in all groups of people, including atheists. I hate fanaticism and bigotry wherever I see it, not just that which is religious.

2 thoughts on “Another blow against atheist bigotry

  1. Thanks for posting this. Learning about religion is not a bad thing, whether one agrees with the religion or not. I’ve read most of the Qur’an myself, and if I may say so, I would encourage others to as well. Some people actually thought that would make me a muslim! I remember one person taking my copy of the Qur’an and saying “This is the Devil’s book.”

    Ignorance and stupidity are not just confined to religious people, since I have talked to atheists that are ignorant and willfully stupid. The hard-core people on both sides seem blind to the fact that there are intelligent people who are religious and intelligent people who accept no religion.

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