The Democrats lost, but the Republicans did not win

Yesterday, the Republicans were able to gain seats in both the House and the Senate. Next year they will control the House outright, but their power may not last. The limited patience of the American people may not allow them to do much damage.

Boehner now has the toughest job in Washington

By Holly Bailey

It would be easy to cast President Obama and the Democrats as the big losers after Tuesday’s election results. But there’s a flip side to what happened on Election Day: Presumptive House Speaker John Boehner now has the toughest job in Washington.

That’s because the epic wave of voter discontent enabling the GOP to regain majority control of the House and make serious inroads in the Senate wasn’t an endorsement of Republican policies. Rather, Tuesday’s votes were largely a referendum against Washington and the politics of the status quo. While the GOP benefited from widespread disillusion, voters remain just as unhappy with Republicans as they are with Democrats, telling exit-poll interviewers that they view both parties with almost equal disgust.

Many Republicans acknowledged the electorate’s dour outlook in their victory speeches Tuesday night. “We make a great mistake if we believe tonight these results are somehow an embrace of the Republican Party,” Marco Rubio, a tea party favorite who won Florida’s closely watched Senate race, said Tuesday night. “What they are is a second chance — a second chance for Republicans to be what they said were going to be not so long ago.”

Indeed, like in the 1980s, the Republicans benefited more from the weakness of the Democrats than from their own strengths.

I have already decided not to support President Obama in 2012, and will cast even fewer votes for Democrats in the future than I did in 2008 and in this year. We need a strong, principled liberal/progressive party to replace the Democrats. So I will turn to the Greens. This year, finally, they got on the ballot here in Texas.

Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks weighs in:

One thought on “The Democrats lost, but the Republicans did not win

  1. I turned away from the Republicans quite some time ago… Here in California, they ran Meg Whitman againt Jerry Brown, and my concience would not permit me to vote for either her or Jerry Brown. I ended up voting for Dale Ogden, the Libertarian candidate. I DID vote for the Republican running for the congressional seat here where I am, but that was ONLY because he was NOT the incumbent… Oh well, the incumbent won since he had already gerrymandered his district…

    Well, if the Republicans skrew this up, they’re out in 2 to 4 years. Marco Rubio has imself admitted that the vote was not an endorsement of the Republicans, but a second chance.. He’s right…and he BETTER NOT forget that.

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