Watch out for Graeme Bird!

There are a lot of crazy people in the world, so my mother told me when I was a child. And so I have found. And one of the problems with the internet is that they are allowed to have a place to spew their insanity.

Introducing the notorious lunatic Graeme Bird:

He is listed as a banned person on P Z Myers’ blog Pharyngula:

Graeme Bird   Slagging, insipidity   Paranoid homophobic bigoted denialist. Given a chance to make his case, he just went bugshit.

It happens now and then that some gibbering loon makes a persistent appearance somewhere on the blog, and the ensuing wrangle goes on and on and on. We’ve had just such an occurrence on this thread, which is bloating up to almost 700 comments now. Graeme Bird is an Australian wanna-be politician of the crank variety, a global warming denialist, anti-vaxer, anti-evolutionist and fan of ID, birther, truther, and like your typical obsessive kook, he just can’t let it go, even though he’s getting laughed at rather cruelly (and deservedly).

Anyway, the thread is getting too long and with no end in sight…so I’ve closed it.

It’s like taking a dead bird carcass away from a cat, though, so this new thread is for anyone who wants to continue mauling the crackpot, or for Bird himself, who will probably continue to caper for our amusement.

He’s not just crazy, he’s flamboyantly crazy.

Indeed, and he has continued to be crazy, by attacking Ed Darrell on his blog too for no good reason:

graemebird says:

Environmentalists have murdered tens of millions with the centralization of malaria control. This is a fact of history. Anyone saying otherwise is a holocaust denier. Its a confession to being a eugenicist and an anti-black racist.

graemebird says:

Ellie, your insistence on the use of nets alone is an attempt to bring malaria-infected mosquitos within three feet of someone elses beautiful little baby. Shame.

graemebird says:

“Nets may allow mosquitoes to come within a few feet of a kid under the net, protecting the child all the time.”

No you are just being a moron Ed. Don’t be applying for jobs to do with occupational health and safety. This is about you wanting black kids dead.

graemebird says:

Listen to the anti-black holocaust-denial:

“……as opposed to their DDT nonsense.”

What DDT nonsense would that be Schmidt? Would you like to spell it out? How many Jews are you claiming the third reich murdered while you are about it? Just a few thousand was it?

Finally, I looked at his own blog and found even more damning evidence of his lack of reason:

We know this for many reasons. The signs are all there. But in a nutshell we know this because this is not like any other oil spill disaster. This one can be switched off whensoever the perps decide the time is right for it.

The placement of any object, sufficiently heavy, with a mildly concave bottom, can easily stop this leakage. So it will go on as long as the perps want to continue with it and not a moment longer.

Says a man who clearly has never worked for the oil industry.

Someone else has made a blog all about this guy:

My mother is a very wise woman.  🙂

3 thoughts on “Watch out for Graeme Bird!

  1. The fool PZ Myers insulted me first. The more appropriate link would have been the thread prior. You will see that Myers didn’t have a case and that he was lying about me being an anti-vaxer and an anti-evolutionist.

    This is a real hodge-podge of accusations here. Without a shred of evidence that I’m wrong about anything.

    (Dale Husband: I SAW your own behavior on P Z’s blog and it only confirmed what an @$$hole you are, because you kept repeating insults and proving NOTHING.)

  2. Apparently you are a holocaust-denier when it comes to Malaria-control centralization policy. This is a fact of history Dale. Where is this alternative history and your evidence for it?

    (Dale Husband: Do NOT trivialize the holocaust in my presence, EVER! And your idea of what is a “fact of history” is laughable in the extreme.)

    Its pretty clear what happened. The powers that be started placing restrictions on the fight against Malaria. From the moment that they did Malaria exploded again in areas wherein it had previously been on the way out. Sri Lanka is a case in point. They changed their policy as soon as silent spring came out. This was more a matter of foreign influence then anything else. With the change of policy came an explosion in Malarial cases.

    So its straight history, and it appears you are in denial of it.

    (Dale Husband: Are you saying that DDT couldn’t have been replaced by other pesticides that were less harmful to birds and other insect eaters? And that we couldn’t have come up with direct treatments for malaria instead of killing off mosquitos with DDT? What stupidity you have! It is well known that insects develop resistance to pesticides, including DDT, making them useless after they are used for a few decades. So your claim is actually without any clear support.)

  3. Here is the thread that provoked the attack from the not very bright PZ Myers.

    You will see that I didn’t insult Myers before he started lying about me. You will see his stupid coterie started swarming me and weren’t the least bit interested in logical debate.

    (Dale Husband: You DID insult the intelligence of everyone there when you said as your first comment:
    {{{Posted by: Graeme Bird | March 27, 2010 1:53 PM

    The healthcare reform is really just a totalitarian takeover attempt. There hasn’t even been much of an attempt to hide that fact. At what point is civil disobedience needed to oppose such a thing?}}}

    You don’t lie outright like that in a public forum and expect not to get whacked over it.)

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