The sheer incompetence of John A. Davison

I just ran into this pathetic loon on the Panda’s Thumb blog, which is dedicated to discussing topics relating to defending evolution and attacking Creationism.

The comments he left have been deleted by the blog moderators, but I managed to see and respond to one:

johnadavison said:

I thank Wes or Pee Zee or whoever is responsible for allowing me once again to opine here. I am disappointed that Ichthyic had to stoop to refer to my age. Since he asked, I will be 82 on June 25 next. Let me quote one of my contemporaries.

“You ain’t heard nothin’ yet.” Al Jolson

I have a book coming out soon which is a collection of my unpublished papers and essays dealing with the great mystery of phylogeny. I expect it to be reviewed here.

In the meantime I recommend the following link –[…]ns/#comments

For a sample of what to expect, especially #249 and several preceding messages.

I replied:

Dale Husband | May 20, 2010 3:14 AM

Wow! You are even more insane and incompetent than I’d heard! Why have you never learned how to manage a blog properly?

Later, he said:

johnadavison said:

I see I was not allowed to respond to Dale Husband’s vicious attack on my integrity and sanity. My lengthy response was deleted after its brief appearance. That has become a trademark of Panda’s Thumb policy of intolerant protectionism and intellectual bigotry. Let’s see if this will be allowed to stand.

What does he think he is, an infallible prophet of God, and that therefore any denials of his competence and mental abilities is blasphemy?

Why did I insult him? Because of these incidents:

Index of the Banned

These are the people who have earned a place in the blog’s filter settings. They are not allowed to post here any more, although some also have a predilection for morphing and sneak in now and then.

Miscreant – John A. Davison 

Crime – Stupidity, Wanking, Insipidity

Comments – A Legend. Has set up multiple blogs; each one consists of one post, inviting comments. Most of the comments are from himself. When he feels like that blog is “full”, starts another one. Here are some links, and a perfect parody of his style.

Clear off a space on the floor near you, because soon you’ll be rolling around laughing on it.

You may recall that John A. Davison, infamous advocate of Intelligent Design, started a blog of his own, titled Prescribed Evolution, back in November of 2005. It generated a lot of hilarity because it consisted of one post. This is it.

I have my own blog now, only because I have been banned from just about all the others. Since I am computer illiterate, don’t expect very much from me. I welcome any comments about my published papers including my unpublished “An Evolutionary Manifesto: A New Hypothesis For Organic Change.” I will tend to ignore any denigrations either of myself or my distinguished sources. I will also not take seriously comments from anonymous posters although I will respond provided they are civil.

There follows a comment thread. It’s up to 847 comments now; it consists of Davison wondering where all the commenters are, lots of bickering, Davison threatening to ban DaveScot, DaveScot threatening to ban Davison from his blog, waa waa waaa, on and on. If I were trying to parody the inanity of the Designists, I couldn’t have topped this.

John A. Davison has started a new blog. You may recall his previous blog, or the one before that. His technique is to post one article, invite comments, and when he gets tired of them, move on…not to a new article, a new blog. His first got 881 comments (many of them consisting of Davis wondering where everyone was, or arguing with DaveScot);

The most important battle in the history of mankind!


A bit more than a week ago, I mentioned this interview I did for a site called One Blog A Day. The comment thread on the interview has grown in a peculiar way — John A. Davison and his pet sycophantic monkey, VMartin, are babbling away in a most painfully lunatic fashion, cruelly egged on by wÒÓ†. It’s hard to beat this comment for delusions of grandeur:

Martin and myself are waging a very effective war against the forces of darkness on both sides of this idiotic debate, sides which are dead wrong and always have been. Our success is measured directly by the extent to which we share bannishmnet and ridicule by those same factions we have exposed as charlatans, as “prescribed” victims of their fates to be mindless spokespersons of ideologies devoid of rational foundation.

We are currently involved in the most important battle in the history of mankind which is our purpose in the infinite scheme of things. Martin and I represent the forces of reason and sanity in a world which has been and continues to be destroyed by the forces of evil, ignorance, and irreversible compulsive auto-destruction which characterizes the present intellectual scenario dominated as it is by atheists like Dawkins and Meyers on the one hand and Baptist bible-banging Christians like Dembski on the other.

You really don’t want to miss it. Two guys on a blog talking to themselves are fighting the most important battle in the history of mankind!

This simpering sycophant to John A. Davison has been spamming the site recently, yammering away to get everyone’s attention despite the fact that he has been banned. Please do not reply to V.Martin, or anyone who is babbling about Davison — their posts will be deleted as soon as I notice them. This particular irritating fool has not only been morphing his username to get past my filters, but has at least once imitated a regular here, a particularly obnoxious and contemptible strategem that guarantees that I won’t ever be lifting the ban.

He told on me! That wicked rat-fink has reported me to the provost of my university, and now I’m a-tremblin’ in my pajamas. Here’s the text of the letter he claims to have sent in, revealing my perfidy to the administration.

Dear Tom Sullivan, Provost, University of Minnesota,

My name is John A. Davison. I am a retired Professor Emeritus of Biology from the University of Vermont. I earned my Ph.D. in Zoology at the University of Minnesota in 1954. While I am retired, I am still writing papers and engaging in internet discussions concerning the mechanism of organic evolution, a phenomenon I feel is no longer in progress

I have summarized my views in several papers especially in my 2005 paper “A Prescribed Evolutionary Hypothesis,” which present a viable alternative to the Darwinian mechanism. Naturally, a non Darwinian hypothesis is bound to create controversy and, as expected, my views have not been found to be acceptable to many members of the academic community.

It is in that regard that I want to call your attention to the manner in which I have been treated by a member of your faculty, Professor P.Z. Meyers, Associate Professor of Biology at the Morris campus. In my opinion his forum, ‘Pharyngula,” reflects poorly on his role as a university teacher and scholar. While I have been banned from participation in his forum he has introduced comments, some of them obscene, using my name as the source of said comments. I regard this as the bottom of the intellectual barrel and it is for that reason that I feel compelled to call the matter to your attention It is also a very serious breech of academic protocol and civil discourse. It is my conviction that Meyers should be, at the very least ,severely disciplined if not summarily dismissed based on his continued abuse of those with whom he disagrees. I am by no means the only one that he treats in such a manner His chronic, arrogant behavior reflects very poorly on what I have always regarded as a great University which by coincidence also happens to be my alma mater.

I remain, Sincerely yours,

John A. Davison, Professor Emeritus , University of Vermont

Hmmm. Let’s distill this down a bit.

First two paragraphs: “I am a famous internet crank and crackpot.”

Third paragraph: “P.Z. Meyers is being mean to me. Please fire him.”

I was interviewed on a website over a month ago, and unfortunately John A. Davison and his infected polyp, VMartin, took over the comments there and went on and on in their ridiculous way.

They’re still going at it. Even more absurdly, the droning duo are bragging on ISCID, in an awesome example of pretentious self-delusion:

658 comments and going strong again. Are there any brave souls here that are willing to join Martin and myself in this incredible demonstration that there are still those who believe that life in all its manifestations was an accident? Are Martin and myself the only ones who reject that by publicly challenging the two major exponents of that bizarre philosophy, Richard Dawkins and P.Z. Meyers, both of whom have remained silent? So it would seem. I am sure Martin agrees with me that we welcome any or all to join in this most fundamental of discussions at a venue which was arrogantly introduced by the author of the thread on which he is now afraid to speak.

Opportunities like this do not occur every day and they should not be ignored. They reveal a philosophy without foundation that deserves to be thoroughly exposed and One Blog A Day presents a rare opportunity to challenge the Darwinian fantasy and its two most vocal supporters in a reasonably neutral venue. Perhaps others can produce a response from the two most prominent atheist biologists of the present time. Martin and I can’t seem to achieve that most desirable result.

I was cleaning out my filtered junk mail folder, and what do I discover? Mail after mail after mail from a long-banned kook, the infamously idiotic John A. Davison. Davison’s is notoriously incompetent: this is the fellow who has created multiple blogs, each with one entry, which he closes when it gathers enough comments…most of which are from Davison himself. He also tends to get in long running battles in blog comments, all over his dismissal of evolution, which he regards as the most important battle in the history of mankind!!!. He has also reported me to my university provost.

He has banned here for a long time. He’s banned just about everywhere, which he complains bitterly about, but it’s entirely because he’s obsessive and insane and repetitive — even the ID/creationist blogs can’t stand him.

Did I forget to mention that the author of the Panda’s Thumb blog entry that Davison and I ran into each other at is……P Z Myers? Yes, that Davison is one obsessed FUCK!

6 thoughts on “The sheer incompetence of John A. Davison

  1. Thank you for proving better than I ever could that you are nothing but one more intolerant, intellectual bigot, blindly adhering to the most infantile notion to ever reach the printed page – namely, an organic evolution driven solely by chance, random mutation and natural selection. By categorically denying a purposeful phylogeny you have joined with Stephen Jay Gould, Ernst Mayr, Francisco Ayala, Clinton Richard Dawkins, Paul Zachary Meyers, Wesley Royce Elsberry and their thousands of devoted, mostly anonymous followers, not one of whom qualifies as a scientist. You see real scientists do not reject the possible and they do not banish those who propose hypotheses at variance with their own. Real scientists welcome criticism and do not insult their adversaries and delete their arguments. My sources were among some of the greatest minds of the nineteenth and twentieth century and not one was a religious or atheist fanatic.

    The reality is that Darwinism is a laughable joke which is now enjoying its death throes. You have chosen to lie down with intolerant dogs and as a result have become as rabidly intolerant as they. Devout Darwinian mystics like yourself and your heroes are a blight upon the face of rational discourse and the eternal pursuit of the Truth.

    Enjoy your moment in the sun. You have certainly earned it. I thank you (I presume) for allowing me to respond to you here even as you have denied me that opportunity elsewhere.

    • John A Davison,
      Look, people can see with their own eyes what a delusional twit you are, and they can also see with their own eyes and reason with their own minds how evolution works, what the evidence for evolution is, and why people like you have no business slamming it and making fools of themselves in the process.

      There is no such thing as “Darwinism” today. That’s phony Creationist rhetoric in reference to the growing and EVOLVING science of historical biology. No scientist who wishes to follow the consistent rules of science would endorse any form of Creationism, period. And without those consistent rules, we can never understand the universe we live in.

      You have NEVER made a credible case for your position. Your own blogs show you are incapable of doing so. Why then should people waste more of their time dealing with you? LOL!

  2. Thank you very much. I didn’t think you were weak minded enough to respond the way you just did but you have just proved me wrong. I am not alone in proposing a determinate evolution by any means. If you were not so abysmally ignorant of the history of evolutionary thought you would know that William Bateson, the father of Mendelian genetics, proposed the same thing. So did Reginald C. Punnett, Leo S. Berg , Otto Schindewolf and Pierre Grasse. I have documented their conclusions in my essay “What’s Wrong With Darwinism.” If I am a “delusional twit” as you are so gracious as to describe me, then so are all my sources. It is the Darwinian mystic that is delusional and you are the typical example.

    Incidentally I called attention to this thread on my “Why Banishment?” thread so others can appreciate your hideous personality which you insist on displaying in such a flagrant manner.

    It doesn’t get any better than this.

    I love it so!

    (Dale Husband: So you think that because several others seem to agree with you that you could somehow be right? Uh, no. I could do the same by stating that Carl Sagan, Isaac Asimov and Stephen Jay Gould agree with me about something, but that would not prove me right. Appeals to authority are fallacious, and not just in science.
    What about the EVIDENCE for your claims? Got any? Publish them [and not just in stupid blogs, either] and be done with it!)

  3. If I wasn’t making you very nervous, you wouldn’t be responding to me at all. Myers, Dawkins and Elsberry are all terrified of me and my predecessors. They rely on drooling sycophants like you to express that which they wouldn’t dare to say themselves. I have all but disappeared from the Panda’s Thumb thread where I first encountered you. I notice that Meyers has nothing to say about me there. He probably figures that since he commited me to his “Dungeon” that I am no longer of any consequence. That was the dumbest thing that Meyers ever did. Trust me.

    P.S. I especially like your obscenity. It defines your character perfectly.

    (Dale Husband: Nervous? I’ve been laughing at you, actually. You suck at mind reading, obviously. And his name is ALWAYS spelled MYERS! If you can’t even get that consistently right…..

    After this, you will be banned. I guess you can add me to the loooooooooooooong list of people who have gotten fed up with your chronic nonsense.)

  4. I mispell Myers name deliberately every once in a while just to show my contempt for the cowardly worm. He is the most miserable excuse for a human being that ever polluted cyberdumb. Be sure to print this before you banish me from your intellectual cesspool.

    “Davison is the Darwinian’s worst nightmare.”
    Terry Trainor

    (Dale Husband: First, note that I have never misspelled your name. I don’t do such idiotic things. Second, Terry Trainor is a name that has absolutely no meaning to me. I guess he is one of your [very few] deranged groupies.)

  5. That hypocrite responded to comments I made on his blog by deleting them. Then he said:

    [[[778. John A. Davison – July 25, 2010
    I just had to prevent Dale Husband from commenting here as he started off by calling me a liar. That goes for anyone else who can’t be civil. Got that Dale Husband? Write that down! Incidentally, Dale Husband has a webpage with the disarming title – “Dale Husband’s Intellectual Rants: Expressions of Honorable Skepticism.”

    Is it honorable to attack a person by calling him a liar? I don’t think so Dale.]]]

    You just proved my point, you fraud! You gripe about being banned from others’ blogs, then pull this stunt on your own. LOL! If you can’t take the criticism of your many bogus claims, SHUT UP!

    Then he lies outright again:

    [[[780. John A. Davison – July 25, 2010

    Everyone has access to my blog and everyone is invited to comment here. Why don’t they is the critical question. My answer is simple. They are afraid to!]]]

    This right after I commented and he deleted my comments, as he just ADMITTED! The poor bastard!

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