How to be a good Creationist

Here are some tips on how to promote Creationism:

  1. Align yourself with a religion accepted by most of the population you are trying to reach. If in the United States, that would be Christianity. In Turkey, that would be Islam.
  2. Be willing to lie outright about the evidence for evolution. For example, since it is common knowledge that certain fossils like Archaeopteryx are recognized as transitional, deny that there are any transitional forms and that the fossil record actually does not support evolution. Some among your audience will be so desprate to cling to their delusions that they will blindly believe you and pay for your nonsense to be fed to them.
  3. Run for school boards as a “pro-family” advocate, but keep your Creationist beliefs hidden until you are elected.
  4. Slander your evolutionist opponents by painting them all as atheists or promoting “anti-religious bigotry”.
  5. Say you are trying to “teach the controversy”. Appeal to principles of freedom of speech. Never mind that fraud is actually illegal.
  6. In debates with evolutionists, states many, many claims in rapid sucessions without stopping to clarify anything. Your opponent won’t be able to keep up, because it takes time to rebut a prejudicial but appealing claim with facts that debunk them.

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