Growing Earth nonsense

Neal Adams, a comic book artist, has claimed that the Earth and other solid bodies have grown in the past, based on how certain areas can be fit together by “shrinking”.

Here are other videos showing other worlds that supposedly “grew”, such as Mars, Ganymede and Europa (moons of Jupiter) and the Earth’s Moon.

Here, Neal Adams claims that water would have flooded Pangea and vacated part of the Pacific basin.

What’s wrong with these claims? First, if a planet grew larger, it would either have grown hollow or it would have accumulated matter. Matter could not have appeared out of nothing, because that would have violated the law of conservation of mass.

Analysis of earthquake waves show no hollow areas deep under the Earth, and the presence of a solid core. The amount of matter necessary to come from outside to grow the Earth would have left evidence in the form of many huge impact craters, spanning whole continents. There are no such craters on Earth.

Second, what happened to all the water that supposedly existed back when the continents were together on the smaller Earth? Did it not exist? Was the whole Earth flooded?

Third, why are proponents of the growing Earth theory so hostile to the idea of subduction? That would explain the Andes Mountains of South America and the Mariana Trench of the Pacific Ocean basin, among many other places on Earth. And it violates no known physical laws at all. A growing Earth should have NO such trenches!

Finally, water on an Earth with a supercontinent named Pangea wouldn’t move as far as Adams claims. The center of gravity would move only slightly because the Earth’s core is much denser than the rock and water above it. The shift of the ocean water would have been  much less, and while the supercontinent may have been partly flooded, it would still have been far more land than shallow seas.

One thought on “Growing Earth nonsense

  1. “because the Earth’s core is much denser”

    When was this core created and how? If it is very dense, what is it made of and were these elements available at that time? Could it become less dense and if so then what elements would be created from it? Could the elements that make up water be created from this expansion? Becoming less dense might make this dense core expand which may also disrupt the outer crust. Questions, questions, questions; that is what makes us! It is just a theory, but many things we learn in science class are just theories and many of those who asked those kinds of questions in history were ridiculed, yet we are taught them today. Thank you for your part in all of this.

    (Dale Husband: If you would study the laws of physics, which are the foundation of understanding how the universe works, you would not be inclined to take seriously the rantings of lunatics like Neal Adams. He ignores those laws just as Creationists do, all because of prejudices. And saying that something in science is “just a theory” is as profoundly ignorant of what theories in science really are as saying Barack Obama is just the President of the United States!)

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