Let’s work to destroy FOX News!

Ever since it was founded in 1996, FOX News, contrary to its claim to be “fair and balanced” has instead consistently promoted a neo-Conservative agenda, ultimately leading to the election of George W. Bush as President in 2000, his re-election in 2004, and the waging by Bush of not one but two wars on the other side of the world. These wars have killed thousands of American troops, injured tens of thousands more, and driven America deeper in debt than it has ever been, finally ending up with us in the worst economic recession since the Great Depression of the 1930s.




It’s time to make FOX News, and its overlord, Rupert Murdoch, pay!


What is this man, who isn’t even a native born American, doing having so much economic and media power over here? Well, he runs News Corporation, which owns not only FOX News but dozens of other media outlets and other properties that may serve as sources of income and influence.




Are you as disgusted as I am yet? Maybe this evidence will convince you of how depraved FOX News is:


Here, Bill O’Reilly was caught telling an outright lie about American troops during World War II to make an actual atrocity committed by Americans in Iraq not seem so bad. Why wasn’t he fired immediately for this?


Here, FOX News commentator Sean Hannity was caught outright lying about something President Obama said.

And finally, Glenn Beck, who committed the ultimate slander against Obama. Keep in mind that Obama is himself half-white and was raised by his white mother and grandparents.


FOX News is also guilty of blatantly false advertising, to the point that even CNN was antagonized by it, as shown here:


Had enough? Well, we can do something about it. After Beck made his comments about Obama, advertisers began to withdraw their ads from his show on FOX News.


That’s not nearly enough. Ultimately, we must persuade most of those corporate advertisers to boycott ALL of the media outlets and other assets owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. The reason is simple: Murdoch can depend on those other outlets, even the non-political ones, to fund his political agenda through FOX News and his newspapers. So if you are watching or using any of them, you are still supporting his politics.

So here’s what you can do: Write letters or e-mails to the various corporate advertisers that are already boycotting Glenn Beck’s show. Tell them to expand their boycott to ALL of News Corporation’s assets. Pledge to yourself to boycott any company that does not agree to this total boycott. Write letters to the editor of newspapers that are not owned by News Corp. And certainly, do not buy any of the newspapers currently owned by News Corp. No, not even the respected Wall Street Journal!

It is my hope that once News Corp starts losing money from the boycott, Rupert Murdoch will give up most of his properties to others who may not have such a right-wing extremist agenda as he clearly does.

And no, this is not censorship! That is when government tries to limit the expression of ideas in the marketplace from the top down. What I am proposing is an effort from the bottem up to hold a news channel accountable for its blantantly unethical behavior. And the way to do that is to hurt it in its pocketbook! Because this evil by the hypocrites that have run the Republican Party since the 1980s has got to STOP!

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