Why I hate political parties

It seems that no matter which party is in absolute control of the American federal government, corruption and prejudice results.

Here are several ways the parties screw up the government, and with it, the American people:

  1. RULE BY SHUTTING OUT THE OTHER PARTY – Never mind that the party out of power represents a considerable portion of the people who pay taxes just like the supporters of the party in power. And even that the party out of power has many legitimate concerns that most moderates and independent voters may share.
  2. LET THE PRESIDENT OF THEIR OWN PARTY DO WHATEVER HE WANTS, BUT GIVE THE SHAFT TO HIM IF HE IS OF THE OPPOSING PARTY – Relates to the first point, but even more serious since the President in theory is representative of the American people as a whole. He is also Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. Thus, partisan matters shouldn’t even be played so much here.
  3. SPEND, SPEND, SPEND ON WHATEVER YOUR PARTY FAVORS – Never mind that we really need to curb spending completely to get our government out of debt!

We never needed political parties, because they are not even mentioned in the U. S. Constitution. If our Founding Fathers had thought more carefully, they might have prohibited them altogether. Maybe we still should!


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