Furious in error

I just found a blog that is so outlandish in its statements that I question the blogger’s mental state.


I am so furious with humanity that I cannot begin to convey my anger. The sick part is, people pretend my anger is a manifestation of insanity. It is ludicrous. People are ludicrous. I find it unimaginable every time I encounter the gleeful ignorant stereotyping of ideas. What is religion, how did it get started and why? What really happened on September 11, 2001? Who is right in Israel? Those are just a few examples of the willing suspension of disbelief that people enact every day.

When you start your rant by denying you are insane, one can safely predict some very irrational claims, no?

This is a government that dictates in countless ways what I am and am not allowed to do as a lifeform on this planet.

So do most governments. What would you rather have? Anarchy, where might makes right?

Now on to Israel. If any objective person really begins to research what happened and is happening with Israel, there is no way they could come to a rational conclusion that Israel should still be a nation. Jews invaded Palestine to settle there after WW2.

WHAT?! Every single Jew in Palestine in 1948 had suddently showed up there between that year and 1945?! Of course not! When exactly did this invasion take place? Our mad blogger does not say.

And since a few Palestinians would rather commit suicide by killing a small number of their enemy in a vain attempt to gain the freedom of their people, with the honest belief they are going to a glorious heaven… they are the evil ones

Exactly! The Arab states surrounding Israel DID try to conquer it the honorable way (conventional military force) four times in the 20th Century. Later, two of them, Egypt and Jordan, signed peace treaties with the Jewish state. And can someone explain to me how it can be “good” to kill Israeli civilians via suicide bombers? Even Israelis do not do such things to Palestinians, EVER!

…virtually every belief the entire religion has ever had has been made up, changed, manipulated, and destroyed in some way or another. It is utterly amazing to me how anyone in their right mind, who researches this stuff, still believes in the Jewish god

And the Christian and Islamic God. Must I point out that the Palestinians are mostly Muslim? This from someone who has just praised the Palestinian suicide bombers for their “honest belief that they are going to a glorious heaven“!

When someone is as inconsistent in logic as this, I just shake my head and move on….after denoucing him, of course.

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