Questions Israel-bashers need to answer

If Israel is so evil, and the Palestinians are merely its innocent victims: 

  • Why did the Arabs, and not the Jews in Palestine, reject the UN offer in 1947 to divide the land between the two groups so both peoples could have separate states side by side?
  • Why did six Arab states declare war on Israel as soon as it declared its Independence from the British Mandate in 1948?
  • Why was Israel at its founding the only democracy in the Middle East, while its Arab enemies were either absolute monarchies or military dictatorships?
  • Why does Israel maintain within its borders an Arab minority that lives in peace with their Jewish neighbors?
  • Why, when the Arabs failed to destroy Israel through conventional warfare, did some of them resort to terrorism, including suicide bombers?
  • Why is it OK for Arabs to have several nations of their own in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain, but it is not OK for the Jews to also have a state of their own there?
  • Why did Egypt and Jordan sign peace treaties with Israel?
  • Why, during the war between Israel and Hezebollah in the summer of 2006, did Hezebollah shoot so many rockets at the city of Haifa, which is well known as a place where Jews, Christians, and Muslims live together in peace, as well as the location of the World Center of the Baha’i Faith?

I find it strange that Israel bashers never want to address these issues.

One thought on “Questions Israel-bashers need to answer

  1. Now I have answers for those questions.

    1. Because the Arabs were not willing to give up any land of theirs to allow the formation of a Jewish state.
    2. Because many Arabs were being driven out from the land that would become Israel.
    3. Because Israel was modeled on European parliamentary forms of government, while the Arab states were based more on Islam.
    4. Because Israel does not want to be guilty of outright genocide, only discrimination.
    5. Because Arabs are as prone to bigotry as Jews.
    6. Because Egypt and Jordan wanted aid from the United States, Israel’s strongest supporter.
    7. Because Hezebollah is a terrorist group, not a legitimate military force. Rules of honorable warfare are meaningless to them.

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