Laci Green, your warning is too little, too late!

Laci Green is a YouTube personality that is known for two things: At first she was mainly interested in proclaiming and defending her atheism (she was raised a Mormon and rebelled against that religion in her teens). Later, she turned to discussing sexuality and dedicated herself to making “sex positive” videos in which she offers advice and suggestions on how to improve your sex life. But she does have her limits.

After seeing a video featuring a twelve year old singing raunchy lyrics, she denounced this in a YouTube video:

And here is the video she was attacking:

Uh, Laci, you should know that the pop music industry has been oversexualizing children for DECADES.

Here’s a much older example. This is a song by Bow Wow Wow, a band in the early 1980s.

Guess how old the girl in the video was when this song was made. She was FIFTEEN. And yes, she was singing “candy” when she really meant “sex”, as the context of the song indicates. So why it is OK for a fifteen year old to sing about wanting sex? Because she already has boobs?

When you allow a 15 year old to sing about sex, you set the stage for a 12 year old to do it a generation later. Both are underage according to American law, and younger girls do tend to imitate their older sisters in any case. It would be better to be more consistent and reject both or be silent about both.

BTW, Laci is in her 20s, legally an adult, and  she can flaunt her sexuality all she wants. If Jenna Rose and Annabella Lwin were 18 and up when those videos were made, I’d say the same. But they were not.

There are indeed 12 year old girls having periods, and even having BABIES. Laci needs to address that and if she doesn’t, she will lose her credibility. A girl of ANY chronological age who is having periods needs to be dealt with in sexual matters as an adult, not treated the same as an undeveloped child. If she is not given the right information to control and protect her body, disaster is more likely than not to happen!

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