What goes around comes around to climate denialists

The Heartland Institute (HI), a think tank devoted to “pro-business” policies and climate change denialism, has suffered its own embarrassing data breach, simular to what happened with Climategate to some climatologists. The results have been most amusing and show clearly the hypocritical nature of the HI.






BTW, we never did find out who leaked the stolen e-mails that started the Climategate uproar, did we?

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It’s not a whitewash, you denialist bastards!

Remember when I noted the Climategate issue? I first mentioned Isaac Newton and how some of his ideas and actions were highly questionable, but since the ideas he got right proved useful enough, his wrongdoings were overlooked. No one today screams “WHITEWASH!” over that.

It was the e-mail hacker who committed a crime, remember?


Thus we have now seen the depths the denialists will go to attack their targets; most of them are willing to commit crimes and/or condone those crimes committed by others to advance their cause. Yet they have the gall to demand that, on the basis of the stolen e-mails, the writers of the e-mails should by charged with fraud and imprisoned. That is sheer hypocrisy.

And as far as I know, no serious effort has been made to track down and jail whoever pulled that stunt.

Meanwhile, the scientists who were targeted have had to endure hearings on the issue. Their work has been scruntinized and their motives questioned. And the results have been as follows:






So a few stolen e-mails were dissected last year, some statements within them were taken out of context and their meanings distorted and this was supposed to be the big scandal that would bring  down the movement against global warming? Such cherry picking is typical of denialists, but that is not the way science should ever be run. In the end, the climatologists have been let off the hook and allowed to resume their work. Hopefully, reforms will be made to make the process of sharing data more open and transparent, but that must be through legal means.

Climategate is a dead issue now. Let’s bury it and move on!

Climategate, continued (Withdrawn)

It is becoming increasingly obvious to me that the issue of climate change has taken an ugly turn. See my previous blog entry.  After reviewing the issue of Climategate very carefully, I have come to the following conclusions.

  1. The behavior of the scientists involved in the matter was indeed unethical and they should be disciplined over it. The head of the CRU, Phil Jones, should resign and he and other staff members, such as Keith Briffa, should be stripped of their credentials. So should Michael Mann, who is not a staff member of the CRU but was heavily involved with it, as the stolen e-mails from the CRU make clear.
  2. The entire field of dendroclimatology (the process of determining past climate from tree rings) has been thrown into disrepute and should no longer be regarded as a critical support for the man-made global warming hypothesis. And the “hockey stick” graph that was a product of it is no longer credible enough to be anything beyond a speculation based on questionable interpretation of data.
  3. Efforts to combat global warming, at least for the next few years, should be limited to voluntary efforts by the people. Government coercion opens a big can of worms, especially when the science of climate change is so uncertain.
  4. Even in the absence of evidence from tree rings, the evidence for the man-made global warming hypothesis remains strong, though not as compelling as I previously thought.
  5. Even if there were NO evidence for global warming, or even if climate change of any kind was not an issue in science, it is imperative that we gradually stop using fossil fuels and build a new energy infrastructure that will be based entirely on renewable and non-polluting sources. Otherwise, the days of our modern technical civilization are numbered.

That is all for now.

Update: I am withdrawing this statement since it no longer reflects my views/

Climategate, what it really means.

Earlier this month, someone, appearantly from Russia, hacked into the e-mail server of the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia and stole hundreds, perhaps thousands of e-mails dating back as far as 1996, and made a file out of them on his own server in Russia. The hacker then passed those emails to global warming denialists, who then made them public. Hacking into private computer files and stealing the items within them is a crime, and thus the e-mails obtained would not be admissible in any American court of law, for that would be rewarding illegal behavior (Not even the police or the FBI could legally do such a thing without a warrant or a subpoena, let alone any private citizens.). Then denialists picked through the e-mails and cherry-picked a few out of context passages to try to “prove” that the entire man-made global warming hypothesis (MMGWH) was a fraud.

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