Abortion Autonomy

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Inna Hudaya was a woman in trouble. Lying in a shoddy hotel room, she squeezed her eyes closed as an old woman performed an abortion on her with no anesthesia and no painkillers. They barely spoke a word after the exchange of money — a lot of money, money Hudaya had borrowed and for which she had sold many of her possessions including her motorbike to repay. This, Hudaya thought to herself, is how I will die.

But what else was she supposed to do? She was 22, pregnant, unmarried, and living in Indonesia, a country where abortion remains illegal in nearly all cases and out-of-wedlock pregnancy is intensely stigmatized. A medical student, Hudaya was just getting a toehold on a life she hoped would keep her out of Tasikmalaya, the conservative city she fled after high school. Having a baby would mean the end of everything: her studies, her relationship with her family, her freedom.

The procedure ended, and Hudaya walked out of the hotel room alive. The pain, though, persisted. Her relationship ended. A close relative disowned her, telling her it is a sin for a woman to kill her own blood. For years, Hudaya had the same dream: a baby chasing her, crying.

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Locker Room Talk?

Donald Trump has claimed that when he made the remark about wanting to grab a woman by her “pussy”, which is what sexual assault is, he was merely making “locker room talk”. Really? Here is what I would consider an actual example of that, which I freely share because I was the one who started it, 16 1/2 years ago.


A beautiful lady

Posted by Dale Husband on 2001-03-16, 02:33:30
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I have just discovered Musical Starstreams. I found this website and was browsing through it when I came upon the Listener’s Photo Gallery. I was casually glancing at the photos when I happened to see one of a young woman that stopped me dead in my tracks:Gwenevere. I tried to send her an E-mail, but she no longer is at the address JCblueyez@aol.com. Is she married? She is certainly one of the loveliest women I have ever seen. The man who gets (or has) her I will forever envy.


re: re: A beautiful lady

Posted by PurpleToe on 2001-03-16, 20:54:06
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She’s fetching, undoubtedly. (As in captivating, not like a dog.)</p><p> Christina and Terresa are cuties too.</p><p> I just wish &quot;Ft.Worth Carol&quot; had a bigger picture. She’s adorable. (You out there Carol?)


re: re: A beautiful lady

Posted by Zippy on 2001-03-16, 20:25:13
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I’m partial to Yvonne.</p><p>

re: re: A beautiful lady
Posted by Jason on 2001-03-17, 14:24:33
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Are you kidding? Has anyone seen Kathryn from L.A.? Check out those stems! Momma mia!


re: re: re: A beautiful lady

Posted by Purpletoe on 2001-03-18, 15:56:06
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I guess I’m into &quot;inner beauty&quot; more now.</p><p> Not that I didn’t notice her &quot;stems&quot;, however.

re: re: re: A beautiful lady

Posted by Techno Kid on 2001-03-19, 00:14:13
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(LOL!) What are stems!? If you are saying what I think you are saying… (LOL!) … I’ve always been a stem man!

I got a little irritated at this point. I guess I didn’t expect other men to be talking about other women.


re: Ahem!

Posted by Dale Husband on 2001-03-19, 02:05:36
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Well, I guess we do have different tastes in women, but I was hoping to hear from Gwenevere herself, not several men talking about &quot;stems&quot;. I just thought I’d brighten her day if she saw this, so I’m disappointed that she hasn’t replied. No matter, I’ll move on.</p><p>


re: re: Ahem!

Posted by Cupid on 2001-03-19, 08:06:00
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Yeah Dale, I too am shocked that Gwen doesn’t check back here hourly to see if someone might be interested in dating her, based on her gallery picture. Heck, you may be the &quot;one&quot; she’s been looking for all her life!

Then Gwen herself showed up. The thing to remember here is that I made my initial comment about her where she herself could see it! Quite simply, if you have to hide a complement about a woman so she cannot see and respond to it directly, it is not a complement, but a sexist jab.


re: re: re: Ahem! My ears are burning🙂

Posted by Gwenevere on 2001-03-20, 01:09:06
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</p><p> What’s this? Locker room talk on Starstreams? tsk tsk </p><p> </p><p> No, can’t say I check hourly but I do scope the forum from time to time.</p><p> </p><p> I was quite surprised to see my name as I was browsing thru this evening, Dale. How can I not be flattered by such sweet words? Thank you🙂 It brought a smile to my lips…</p><p> </p><p> …even as I beheld the following visitor’s post, who casually cast me aside for a pair of hot &quot;stems&quot;🙂 Jeez, you men can be so ruthless. Heehee. Aaaah, well. Can’t please ’em all.</p><p> </p><p> Blessings~ Gwen


re: re: one more thing…

Posted by Gwenevere on 2001-03-20, 02:32:56
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</p><p> Just for the record…personally, I kinda like that guy with the third eyeball. What a hottie!!😉 </p><p> </p><p> </p><p>


re: re: re: one more thing…

Posted by warrior poet on 2001-04-02, 15:02:30
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No offense Gwen…but I find Julie-Anna on the swing with the lush green surrounding her much more eye catching and beautiful.

THAT is the only kind of “locker room talk” I would ever do. And it is depressing that I only remembered this amusing conversation as a result of the vulgarity of Mr. Trump.

Gwenevere, wherever you are, I remember you. And your memory will always be loved.


If Feminism was really dangerous to men…

……then this would be a typical statement by feminists:

All men are either rapists or potential rapists because of their constant sex drive and therefore all women are justified in using extreme force to keep those prevs away from them. It is thus recommended that all girls and women train themselves to kick men in the groin in order to badly damage their genitals to prevent them from having sex. Indeed, it would be best for them to buy and wear constantly steel-toed boots so that such kicks would actually shatter the front of a man’s pelvis, making him unable to walk and thus rape anyone. Boys growing up must be constantly reminded that they will be badly beaten if they ever lay a hand on any girl. Marriage and motherhood are things to be scorned, not celebrated. Men are needed as sperm donors and as financial support for the children they become fathers to, but otherwise are disposable. Only women should ever be leaders in business, politics, religion or science; men should work to prove themselves worthy of our respect and then keep working constantly to keep it.

Show me a feminist who has ever made a statement like this, MRAs!

Ophelia Benson vs. Richard Dawkins

A few months ago, in response to a rumor that Ophelia Benson, an atheist and feminist activist, was also a transphobe (a bigot against transgendered people), she was targeted by a massive witch hunt similar to the one on tumblr stirred up against Lacy Green years earlier. As a result, Benson left Freethought Blogs (FTB) in disgust and founded her own personal blog elsewhere, badly damaging the credibility of FTB, so much so that one of its founding members, Ed Brayton, also took down his blog there and moved to another network.

Now Benson has been attacked again, in reference to Richard Dawkins suffering a mild stroke recently. Around the same time, he was disinvited to a skeptics conference and then just as quickly reinvited to it. The battle between them produced the exchange of the following statements between them and one of Dawkins’ fanatical followers. Continue reading