The Bullshit of “Cultural Appropriation”

Copyright laws are one thing; it is certainly unethical for someone to take someone else’s work and credit it to one’s self and make money off it. But when certain things, like tattoos, hairstyles, clothing and other aspects of appearances are said to belong to one specific people forever and no other people should ever copy it, that strikes me as racist in tone. Recently, the concept of “cultural appropriation” has begin to gain popularity among some on the left. If I wanted to make liberal ideals look idiotic, I could not do worse than this garbage.

Read this absurd story:

We Need to Talk About Katy Perry Crediting Kim Kardashian For This Hairstyle

As much as I despise the Kardashians,  if Katy Perry did indeed get the idea for cornrows from them, I think it perfectly appropriate (pun intended) to credit them for the hairstyle. Bashing her for not crediting African women is creating friction where there need be none. If Perry has never been to Africa, it is possible that she has never seen common African hairstyles or if she had before, she did not know they  were from African cultures. This is an opportunity to educate Perry and others about the matter, not attack her.

More to the point, everyone “credits” the song “I Love Rock and Roll” to Joan Jett because it was indeed her biggest hit, but in reality the song was done by her as a cover; it had been written years earlier by Alan Merrill of The Arrows. To this day, everyone thinks of it as a Joan Jett song. Likewise, Metallica covered the song “Am I Evil” that had been previously recorded by the British metal band Diamond Head. Everyone tends to think of that song as Metallica’s. Even Elvis did a cover song assumed to be his: “Hound Dog”, which had been done before by black singer Big Mama Thornton. Want to condemn Joan Jett, Metallica, and Elvis too? Be my pest!

Am I appropriating Italian culture every time I eat a pizza? Are Japanese appropriating American culture when they form and play in baseball teams? In both cases, I could not care less, so we need to can the self-righteous crap!

What integrity in leadership looks like

This is yet another rant in reference to Donald Trump, known as the 45th President of the United States. A man with no sense of integrity whatsoever.

Part of having integrity is knowing when you have failed at something, realizing you need to step aside for the good of the people you claim to serve, and move on. Today, the President of the Unitarian Universalist Association is doing just that. Continue reading

Why party labels in the USA are completely useless

Watch this video:

The anti-slavery party of Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War was NOT the party of Big Business from the 1870s to the 1930s. The party that defended slavery before and during the Civil War was NOT the party that fights for the rights of blacks and other minorities today.  The Religious Right which infested the Republicans in the 1980s had almost nothing in common with the likes of Donald Trump now.

This is why we need a MULTI-PARTY system like in some European countries. The two-party system we Americans have always had is by nature misleading. The south has ALWAYS been conservative compared to the north. If the Ku Klux Klan was founded today, it would be founded by southern REPUBLICANS. Conservatism is the ideology we must always fight, no matter what party label it marches under.

For the record, it is not BIG government we should oppose, but STUPID government which is a problem no matter what its size. Did you know that Ronald Reagan, a conservative Republican, actually increased government by massive military spending….that we also never needed in the first place?! And why did Reagan do that? Because so many big businesses have had contracts with our military and profit from every war we end up fighting in! I can guarantee that if a Republican gets the Presidency in the next decade or so, then he will find an excuse, any excuse to get us into another overseas war like Bush Sr. did when he pushed us into war with Iraq in 1991. and his son did again in 2003. Consider yourselves warned!

As for illegal immigration, the rules were designed beforehand to exclude non-white people from Latin America, including Mexico. Ironic considering we conquered and annexed half of Mexico’s territory in the 1840s. “Hey, thanks for all your land, but we do not want your people! GO AWAY!!!” Meanwhile, Puerto Rico, which is majority Spanish-speaking and non-white, remains a mere possession of the USA and not a state. Go figure.

Newton’s Laws of Politics, sort of

Conservatives often complain that poor and minority peoples are never satisfied, despite the gains supposedly made for them over the past two centuries. So they assume that their opponents are just being greedy and bigoted against whites and the rich. But there is another way of seeing what has happened and what can be done to stop the problems. Consider Newton’s Third Law of Motion, which states:

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Continue reading

The Louisiana “Purchase”

Imagine this scenario:

You are an Azari, a native of the planet Azar. Your people have developed a global civilization with technology comparable to that of mid 20th Century humans on Earth. One day, dozens of alien spaceships appear in the skies above your world and then land, disgorging thousands of alien troops and tens of thousands of alien settlers. The aliens tell you they are Marlos and they claim to OWN your world, having bought it from their neighbors the Carlics a few years earlier. You remember having contact with the Carlics a century ago and even trading with them, but you had no idea they claimed to own your world, let alone that they had “sold” it to another interstellar power. So you reject the Marlos’ claim and attempt to repel the invaders.  But the Marlos use their superior technology to quickly defeat you! Most of your people are exterminated and the few survivors are forced into concentration camps of poor land where they can only survive by farming, while the Marlos take over the richest land and nearly all the resources of the world your people evolved on! Your civilization, which could have become an interstellar power in its own right in a few thousand years, is instead broken forever.

Continue reading

Yes, all lives DO matter!

At First Jefferson Unitarian Universalist Church, a banner was put up that said, “BLACK LIVES MATTER”. A couple of weeks later, someone decided to “correct” the message:


And one of the church members came up with an excellent response.


I would go farther. If you as a white person are not willing to talk about what black people go through, if you as a Christian are not willing to talk about what Jews, Muslims or other non-Christians go through, if you as a man are not willing to talk about what women go through, and if you as a straight person are not willing to talk about what gays go through, YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!