The Bullshit of “Cultural Appropriation”

Copyright laws are one thing; it is certainly unethical for someone to take someone else’s work and credit it to one’s self and make money off it. But when certain things, like tattoos, hairstyles, clothing and other aspects of appearances are said to belong to one specific people forever and no other people should ever copy it, that strikes me as racist in tone. Recently, the concept of “cultural appropriation” has begin to gain popularity among some on the left. If I wanted to make liberal ideals look idiotic, I could not do worse than this garbage.

Read this absurd story:

We Need to Talk About Katy Perry Crediting Kim Kardashian For This Hairstyle

As much as I despise the Kardashians,  if Katy Perry did indeed get the idea for cornrows from them, I think it perfectly appropriate (pun intended) to credit them for the hairstyle. Bashing her for not crediting African women is creating friction where there need be none. If Perry has never been to Africa, it is possible that she has never seen common African hairstyles or if she had before, she did not know they  were from African cultures. This is an opportunity to educate Perry and others about the matter, not attack her.

More to the point, everyone “credits” the song “I Love Rock and Roll” to Joan Jett because it was indeed her biggest hit, but in reality the song was done by her as a cover; it had been written years earlier by Alan Merrill of The Arrows. To this day, everyone thinks of it as a Joan Jett song. Likewise, Metallica covered the song “Am I Evil” that had been previously recorded by the British metal band Diamond Head. Everyone tends to think of that song as Metallica’s. Even Elvis did a cover song assumed to be his: “Hound Dog”, which had been done before by black singer Big Mama Thornton. Want to condemn Joan Jett, Metallica, and Elvis too? Be my pest!

Am I appropriating Italian culture every time I eat a pizza? Are Japanese appropriating American culture when they form and play in baseball teams? In both cases, I could not care less, so we need to can the self-righteous crap!


3 thoughts on “The Bullshit of “Cultural Appropriation”

  1. Buckley weighs in on a similar topic. Can we just take the concept of “cultural appropriation” into a back alley and shoot it already?

  2. Another view on this issue:

    I still say “cultural appropriation” is not a racist act unless the ones doing it either:
    1. deny outright the origins of the items they are taking for themselves and/or
    2. champion the oppression of the minorities themselves.

    And Katy Perry does not appear to have ever done either of these dishonorable things.

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