Scienceblogs has sold out!

Corporate advertising, in the form of ads posted on websites, is one thing. But when corporate shills are allowed to set up and run a blog of their own on a website that is supposed to be about SCIENCE, not corporate advocancy, that just blows my mind!

See for yourself here!

I am absolutely opposed to this crap and I hope there is a massive protest against it by other bloggers at scienceblogs!

Oh, it’s already started:

Finally, the people running scienceblogs made a statement recognizing how they had blundered, but still tried to justify the presence of the corporate blog itself:

Yesterday, ScienceBlogs launched Food Frontiers, a blog sponsored by PepsiCo. This isn’t the first time we’ve hosted sponsored blogs–recent ones included GE, Shell, and Invitrogen–but it is the first time we’ve received this level of criticism about it.

Frankly, we at ScienceBlogs did not do a good job of communicating what these sponsored blogs are for, give a proper explanation of what our relationship to Food Frontiers was going to be, or even properly explain what Food Frontiers is.

We have blogs from industry because we think it’s important that the story of how and why industry science gets done be part of the conversation at ScienceBlogs. It’s certainly the story of a great many of the world’s engineers, mathematicians, chemists, physicists, and biologists. These scientists necessarily have conflicts of interest, so as a matter of transparency, we’re fixing the way those conflicts are presented, in line with the best practices of scientific journals.


To the owners of scienceblogs, Seed Media Group, I say this: What a stupid thing you have done! You do NOT need corporate money that badly. You only undermine the credibility of your website and your own bloggers that have been here for years. What you need is INTEGRITY! Kill that Pepsi blog and don’t EVER do anything so underhanded again!


I’m from Texas, not Missouri

Take a look at this disgusting blog by anti-evolutionist and anti-Semite Larry Farfarman:

The introduction of it alone is enough to make me barf:

This site is named for the famous statement of US Congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver from Missouri : “I`m from Missouri — you’ll have to show me.” This site is dedicated to skepticism of official dogma in all subjects. Just-so stories are not accepted here. This is a site where controversial subjects such as evolution theory and the Holocaust may be freely debated.

Clearly, this bastard doesn’t know the difference between skepticism and denialism. Among scientists, evolution is not controversial and among historians, the holocaust is not controversial either. It is denialists among the lunatic fringes of society that have problems with such things. Those big babies need to grow up, that’s all.

My biggest motivation for creating my own blogs was to avoid the arbitrary censorship practiced by other blogs and various other Internet forums. Censorship will be avoided in my blogs — there will be no deletion of comments, no closing of comment threads, no holding up of comments for moderation, and no commenter registration hassles. Comments containing nothing but insults and/or ad hominem attacks are discouraged. My non-response to a particular comment should not be interpreted as agreement, approval, or inability to answer.

 In other words, this @$$hat thrives on chaos and insists on his  stupid opinions being held as equally valid with all others without any attempt to sort out truth from falsehood. How can anyone do science with that attitude? And if nothing is to be deleted or closed, what point is there in saying that rude comments are to be “discouraged”? That is meaningless.

Here is a recent episode of Larry’s insanity:

Saturday, June 05, 2010

“Systematic” holocaust would be impossible even with DNA testing! I have long contended that a “systematic” Jewish holocaust was impossible because the Nazis had no objective and reliable way of identifying Jews and non-Jews. This claim is often pooh-poohed with examples of how supposedly easy it was for the Nazis to objectively and reliably identify Jews. The stories go something like this: Nazis raiding a synagogue find the rabbi there. They torture him, forcing him to reveal the synagogue’s membership list. The Nazis then hunt the members down one by one.
I have speculated about whether the Nazis could have objectively and reliably identified Jews and non-Jews by means of DNA testing, which of course was not a available to them. This study shows that the answer to that question is no.

Clearly, this fucked up moron never lived among Jews, never studied how the Jewish religion is practiced, and thus thinks that Jewish people can be identified only by their DNA and nothing else. He would have failed Anthopology 101.

Need I say more?