The Planets Won’t Cooperate, with CREATIONISM!

If you want more damning proof that Creationist overlords are willing to tell the most absurd lies to their own children, read on.

First, see this earlier blog entry:

And now, read this crap:

According to evolutionists, the sun and the planets formed when a rotating nebula condensed. But if this were true, then the planets should be made of the same material as the sun and should all be going in the same direction, right? Instead, when evolutionists look at the solar system, the planets are not cooperating. Evolutionists explain away these problems by saying that the planets were hit by objects, which changed the planets from the way they were originally.

Over and over again in astronomy, cosmic collisions are used like a magic wand to rescue millions-of-years ideas from the facts. The planet Uranus is tilted, but evolution says it shouldn’t be—therefore, they believe that long ago something hit it and knocked it over. Venus rotates the “wrong way”—therefore, they believe that long ago something hit it and spun it the opposite way. The atmosphere of Mars is too thin—therefore, they believe that long ago something hit it and stripped most of the atmosphere away. Mercury is too dense for evolution—therefore, they believe that long ago something hit it and removed the lighter parts.

Evolutionists wave their collision-wand at will, using it to make any necessary changes to the way planets should be. It seems that believing in cosmic accidents takes a lot more faith than believing that God created the universe!

First, evolution has nothing to do with the formation of the Solar System, so they got their terminology wrong. What they are really attacking is MATERIALISM.

Second, there is overwhelming evidence of collusions between bodies of various sizes in our Solar System. LOOK AT OUR MOON! It is COVERED with craters! So are a great many other solid bodies, including other planets and moons all over the Solar System. Thus, their criticism of scientists making hypotheses based on collusions is laughable.

The general layout of the solar system shows the consistent operations of physical laws (which by themselves do not prove an intelligent Creator), while its imperfections show that those laws operate without a supreme mind being responsible for every detail. It REFUTES the idea that the Solar System in all its details was designed by an intelligence. For anyone to say that it doesn’t and that creationism is proved instead is to engage in “turning reality upside down”, much like claiming Adolph Hitler was a dedicated support of Jewish people, including Zionism!

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