The law is closing in on David Mabus!

David Mabus aka Dennis Markuze, is a Canadian lunatic who for years has been attacking atheists and scientists in every public forum he could reach, and getting banned for it. His first target was James Randi and he has expanded his list of targets over the years to anyone who appears to reject theism. He even attacked me on my blog a couple of times. He is able to get around the banning by morphing his screen name and using internet cafes. His messages, which often include death threats, are always rambling and totally disjointed screeds that a twelve-year old in his mother’s basement might send, if the kid had no sense of shame.

And now it looks like he is about to get busted!

This bastard needs to be jailed for life! Sign this petition to help put him away!

I feel like P Z Myers right now!

First, read this:

Japan’s most powerful earthquake since records began has struck the north-east coast, triggering a massive tsunami.

Cars, ships and buildings were swept away by a wall of water after the 8.9-magnitude tremor, which struck about 400km (250 miles) north-east of Tokyo.

A state of emergency has been declared at a nuclear power plant, where pressure has exceeded normal levels.

Officials say 350 people are dead and about 500 missing, but it is feared the final death toll will be much higher.

In one ward alone in Sendai, a port city in Miyagi prefecture, 200 to 300 bodies were found.

The quake was the fifth-largest in the world since 1900 and nearly 8,000 times stronger than the one which devastated Christchurch, New Zealand, last month, said scientists.

Thousands of people living near the Fukushima nuclear power plant have been ordered to evacuate.

Japanese nuclear officials said pressure inside a boiling water reactor at the plant was running much higher than normal after the cooling system failed.

Ever ready to take advantage of opportunities to mislead the public with fallacious arguments, Answers in Genesis (AiG), the Creationist propaganda outlet, made this statement:

News stations worldwide are reeling at the devastation in Japan due to a massive earthquake—unequaled in the country’s recorded history—and the huge tsunami it produced, which has swept across cities and farmland leaving a trail of rubble and ruin in its wake. The death toll is still uncertain, but is expected to exceed 1,000.

In the face of such destruction, suffering, and death, many people question how a good and loving God could allow such evil to happen. However, this is just another painful reminder of how the curse of sin has affected our world. For biblical answers to this topic, please see the following resources:

Please join us in praying for the victims of this disaster, as well as the families of those affected by it. Also, take this opportunity to share with others the reason for death and suffering, and the answer to the problem of sin—salvation through Jesus Christ.

Seeing this, I was suddenly reminded of this incident on P Z Myers’ blog, Pharyngula.

philos —- Being a demented fuckwit and world-class asshole —– In an unbelievable act of crass, vile smugness, this petty twerp rushed to my site after the fatal 35W bridge collapse to sneer at atheists. “Contemptible” isn’t a strong enough word for vermin like this, who use tragedy to push their lies on the bereaved. His kind are what make me despise religion.

Posted by: philos | August 1, 2007 11:41 PM

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Why th snstvty nw?

S, y cn b nsnstv, ntrfrng sss
98% f th tm bt Dth, ntrl prcss,
wh, y hld ff?

N – y wldn’t sy nythng, y’d kp yr
thghts nd gnd t yrslvs.

Wsh t wr ll f th tm.
[filthy fucking scumbag, and typical goddamned despicable Christian, rushing to exploit a tragedy for his wretched beliefs. Philos is banned.]

Assuming Philos made a statement similar to the stunt AiG pulled, I would have banned the bastard too. Places dominated by Christians get hit by earthquakes and tsunamis (or bridge failures) too. There is NO reason whatsoever to think that following any particular religion makes us immune to disasters, or any other evil.

Indeed, the idea that human sin can override the power of a loving God actually proves that God (at least the kind preached about by AiG)  is unfit for anyone to worship, and that therefore we might as well be atheists or Satanists!

Finally, we are confident that human sin has nothing whatsoever to do with earthquakes and tsunamis, because modern science has explained them well enough. Earthquakes are caused by moving plates of Earth’s crust grinding against each other, those plates in turn driven by convection currents in the mantle, caused by Earth’s internal heat sources, such as radioactivity. And tsunamis are driven by earthquakes deep beneath the oceans driving water up to the land in a massive wave. These facts were discovered by people using the scientific method, which AiG doesn’t follow.